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May 25, 2007 11:15 AM

Broadway Prime in Burlingame?

I know we've talked about this before, but as usual I have folks in town from Italy and I am really trying to impress with steak. Nevertheless the city is out, since they have a 11pm flight out of SFO. We're looking at the Peninsula, and I have a tentative reservation for Broadway Prime. Am I going to be good??? Should I head to Sundance in Palo Alto instead? Please help! :)

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  1. I forgot, it is for tonight! :)

    1. Prime Rib is NOT steak! If you want to take them out for steak on the Penninsula, you might consider Izzy's Steaks & Chops in San Carlos. That said, there's nothing wrong with Prime Rib (it's just that you said you want to "impress with steak.").

      Humble Edit: I see now that Broadway Prime has steak on their menu. Never mind...

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        Duly noted. Let's say I want to impress them with a hearty meat dinner, like the ones not available in Europe!! :)

        1. re: nessachow

          Sundance serves good steaks but the place feels like it's still in the 80s. Also, it's a bit of drive to Palo Alto from SFO...going into SF would be just as fast...except for parking although Harris' has valet.

      2. Cappelini in San Mateo often has a wonderful new york steak as a special. It is better than Alexanders in Cupertino .

        1. This might be too late but we had a pretty good dinner at Prime in San Carlos. Can't remember the details but I remember the prime rib being pretty good. Margret

          1. I think Broadway Prime has been great, although I haven't been there recently. Very much like House of Prime Rib but without all the wait, hecticness and Gus running around asking "How's the dinner?"

            Hong, who used to be with House of Prime Rib, was a fabulous host (owner?) and has always treated me wonderfully when I've been there.

            I don't know about the steaks (and prime rib is so different from steak). So, I think Izzy's is a great plan B. Probably too late but just my 2 cents worth!