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May 25, 2007 10:45 AM

posh mexican

My sister is recovering from a tonsilectomy and can only eat mash potatoes and yogurt. However, yesterday, she mentioned she was craving posh Mexican food. So I think when she has recovered it would be a good treat. Any suggestions? Downtown would be best.

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  1. Try Dos Caminos in Soho.....nice fave, however, and the most gratifying Mexican cuisine in town is SUENOS in West Chelsea...It's a gem of a place with bright, fresh, inventive food.

    1. Always liked rosa mexicana. They have very good and pricey guacamole .

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        Rosa gets a lot of bad press on this board, but I'm a fan. The guac is superb. For even more posh mexican, though not downtown, you may want to consider Pampano. It's even more upscale.

        1. how about Itzocan Bistro in Spanish Harlem? I thought it was quite good and a refreshing change from the standard, mediocre, mexican fare in town.

          1. OK I am a little bit of a snob about Mexican food. It is my favorite cuisine, but I am pretty selective. I have a few favorites and a few I don't like.

            I like both Itzocans for their quirky Mexican French Bistro fusion cooking. If you have ever had their filet with a merlot pasilla chile reduction and a side of their gratin of potatos with poblano chiles you would understand why I love them. While they are inventive they are not posh.

            I am not a fan of Rosa Mexicana the food is good, but at those prices there are better places to go.

            I love the food at Zarella, but for gods sake that place needs a make over! I think the quality of the food is great, it kills me to pay those prices for a dining room like that, and I live around the corner. While I like to cook, we have actually ordered in from there for a small dinner party which in all honesty was a better experience.

            All of the Dos Caminos locations have beautiful rooms, with ok food and marginal service. Again, I don't think their food justifies their price. They are more of a scene if that is what you are looking for. I think the room at the new Third Avenue location is the best, and they now have outside seating set up.

            There are two places that I love and think are appropriate values - Pampano and El Parador.

            Pampano is the higher priced of the two and more modern it leans toward seafood, has a beautiful outdoor terrace space and wonderful food. The service is benign - I don't have issues with it I don't love it. I think the same people own Maya which I think is good but I am not as big of a fan as Pampano - I haven't been to Maya in a while.

            El Parador is underrated the food is great and the service is always so accomodating. I am more of a regular at El Parador so maybe I get better service, but I think they are warm and welcoming to everyone. Here is a link to a review I wrote about El Parador back in December.

            Good luck and report back.

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