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May 25, 2007 10:27 AM

What are the top restaurants in Hazleton?

I am new to the Hazleton area. Can someone tell me what are the best restaurants in Hazleton?

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  1. I have tried Ovalon, The Library & Top of the 80s. They are all very good. Are there any others?

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      Vince, thanks for the posts. My in-laws live in Hazleton and I have some experience w/ restaurants there, but not much. Great value and consistency can be found at the Knotty Pines. Their turkey club and pulled pork sandwiches are good. I'm not surprised to hear you like Top of the 80's. My wife and I had our wedding rehearsal there back in 2000 and they did a fine job. I might suggest a couple of other places worth trying outside of Hazleton, although they are not exactly setting fine dining standards if you know what I mean: Purcell's Country Kitchen and The Brass Buckle (a Mexican place in Conyngham). I'm told there are some authentic Mexican restaurants along the main drag in Hazleton, but I've yet to try them.

      Have you been or heard any chatter about The Meating House in Drums?

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        Just ate at Damenti's in Mountain Top. It was exceptional. My personal list of top restaurants in the Hazleton area so far - in order
        Top of the 80s

        The following were just recommened. Can anyone confirm?
        The Lookout House
        Brass Buckle
        Alberdeen Inn
        Sally Pursell's

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          Been to the Brass Buckle in the Valley a few times over the years. An Americanized Mexican restaurant that is decent. A rustic decor set sort of in a basement of a big ole house, at least where some tables and the bar resides. I personally prefer El Mariachi for authentic Mexican food.

          Sally Purcell's Country Kitchen: well, the name says it all. Good homestyle meals there.

      2. Sorry I cannot help you on the best restaurants in Hazleton. Last summer, my wife and I happened to stay over in Hazleton on our way home. We had dinner at Scatton's, 22nd & N. Vine Sts. We were the only ones there on a Tuesday night. Many restaurants have a night when the "B" team is in the kitchen and this must have been it for Scatton's. It was bad from soup to dessert. The next day, after visiting Eckley Miners Village, we had lunch at Byorck's Knotty Pine, 4802 N. Church St. It was a pretty good place for lunch. I had the specialty sandwich which had way too much cole slaw and not enough meat. My wife fared better with her sandwich which is why I can say it was pretty good. That is the best I can do for Hazleton. Thanks for mentioning the three restaurants that you did as we do pass through Hazleton several times a year. It will give us some places to look forward to having a decent meal.

        1. As far as casual dining, I prefer The Blue Comet over the Knotty Pine. Really large portions, at really reasonable prices, most of their dinners include soup or salad, entree and desert. It's no Top of the 80's, but you can get a decent meal for about $10.

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          1. I couldn't help notice Booty's on 309/Church St., and Angelo's Italian House located on Alter St., haven't been mentioned here. They both offer good food and nice atmosphere. I also recommend Ferdinand's restaurant on 15th St. as well as Vesuvio's, in downtown Hazleton, for excellent pizza and pasta dishes.
            The Blue Comet, is by no means, to be considered one of the "Best of Hazleton" in regards to places to eat.

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              Many thanks! Now set for next visit to McAdoo. Any Mexican/Hispanic recs.? Ethnic bars?
              Thanking you in advance.

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                Just returned from a short stay in Hazleton. My wife and I really liked El Mariachi for Mexican food on Alter Street. We also enjoyed a nice pizza from Vesuvio's in the valley.

            2. Visited Martin's in Hazleton for Dinner. Wow! I was impressed. It is a simple restaurant that had great food. The tables were all nicely decorated with white table cloths. It was classy compared to what I have seen in Hazleton. It is a BYOB. Not sure if it was the mood I was in but it was the best meal I had so far in Hazleton. I had a steak that was great. Desert was also outstanding. I will be back.