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May 25, 2007 10:07 AM

Looking for good mofongo

I had some amazing mofongo in Puerto Rico recently. It was almost like a ropa vieja style mofongo with an incredibly tasty tomato broth and beef. I'm looking for something similar in the city. Any suggestions? :-)

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  1. El Deportivo on 48thst and 9th avenue.

    1. Not my thing but Castillo de Jagua's looked tempting...

      1. If you want tomato and tripe combinations, you can also check some out italian places. They cook their tripe with tomatoes, peas and onions, i think. On wednesdays i think park avenue italian gourmet located 45th between 5th and 6th serves tripe with tomatoes.

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        1. re: randumbposter

          Are you confusing mofongo (mashed plantain) with mondongo (tripe soup), or was this in response to the tomato broth comment?

          Old San Juan on 9th Avenue makes a number of different mofongos, including crabmeat, but I haven't tried any there.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            You're right. I assumed that the OP meant mondongo- Puerto Rican/Dominican tripe soup-based upon his description and I stand by my recommendation. Mofongo-mashed plantains with pork bits is equally popular among Cubans as Puerto Ricans although I can't think of any place in NY I've had it-maybe Havana Chelsea? By the way-Cubans refer to Mofongo as fufu

            1. re: guttergourmet

              sucelt on 14th and 7th has mofongo though i havent tried it

              1. re: guttergourmet

                "By the way-Cubans refer to Mofongo as fufu"

                Interesting. I'll bet that's because the shape is similar to the way West African fufu is served.

                1. re: guttergourmet

                  actually, in Cuba, Fufu is what dominicans would call Mangu .. fufu = mangu = mashed plantains.. if you go down by East harlem (I forget the exact st), there's some places with good P.R.-like mofongo (authentic PR-style has the meat stuffed, not blended in like in NYC)

                2. re: Peter Cherches

                  Nope, I meant mofongo - the mashed plantain dish. I figured out what the dish I ate is actually called and it's Beef Mofongo in a Creole Sauce. It seems that this may be a strictly Puerto Rican thing though. Has anyone had a mofongo with Creole sauce in NYC?

                  1. re: Peter Cherches

                    Yep you are right, Sorry for the confusion. When I read tomato, I thought of italian style tripe. :( plaintains n tomato broth, sounds interesting though.

                    1. re: Peter Cherches

                      The monfongos at Old San Juan are good but the best I had was in the Bronx .

                  2. Ahhh you have to go to Washington Heights for Mofongo. There is also a place in Harlem that makes it but not sure if it is every day and it is more than likely Dominican style more than P.R. There is a place called the Mofongo House in WaHi. I think they may be on here. I hear they make all kinds of Monfongo -- PR and Dominican.

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                    1. re: Uptownflavor

                      Just a note: you will NOT find puertorican mofongo in washington heights. Dominicans, which are the masters of Mangu (their own plaintain breakfast dish which is really good and you can certainly have it in the heights) do a ny-dominican version of puerto rican mofongo, you can have it and it will be nice but it is not going to be like the one you had in PR, it will be very different: they mash the meat with the mofongo and in PR you either have the mofongo by itself (with a little tocino and garlic, of course) with meat or fish sauce on the side, or you will have a mofongo relleno (tasty mofongo stuffed with whatever you want but not blended with the filling). I have to say that nowdays there is no t even 1 restaurant in the city that does a good puerto rican mofongo (and i've tried every place they mention here). 15-20 years ago La taza de oro had a good mofongo dish, now it is not even close. Too bad, since for me is one of the best dishes ever.

                    2. Taza d'Oro, Eight Avenue between 14th and 15th streets. The real deal,