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May 25, 2007 09:55 AM

St Augustine recs

A friend of mine claims St. Augustine is dining purgataory. We will be there Memorial weekend and need some good recommendations and hopefully prove her wrong. Any great food in the old city or beach area?

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  1. About 18 years ago I went to St. Augustine on my 5th grade class trip (grew up in South Florida). The one thing I remember wasn't the historical sites, but it was this amazing bread they sold in the old city (I guess I was a foodie before I realized it!). Anyways, given that I was 10 years old and haven't returned since, I don't remember the name of the place or where in the old city it was. But I do remember that we all bought a few loaves of the piping hot, sweet and airy bread to fill us up on the 6+ hour bus ride home...

    1. I have been to St Auggie many many times. The Old Spanish Bakery is still in the same location as it has been as far back as I can remember. They do awesome bread and empanadas to die for. The Sausage rolls are just as yummy as ever. Prob my fave of all restaurants is and always will be the Columbia Rest just down the road from the Spanish bakery in the old section of the city. They offer many varieties of different spanish foods....but I can say with all honesty the 1905 Salad with black bean soup and Ropa Vejo will always be my fave standby with of course a pitcher of sangria and flan for dessert. There are many wonderful options in St Auggie....including going over the Bridge of Lions to the wonderful Conch House Marina and Resort for a drink. One of the bars is down a long dock, get your drink then climb this narrow staircase to the top of the round building...sunsets there are awesome. There are so many hidden treasures in St Auggie. The day after we married I took my husband to St Auggie where we had a wonderfully romantic dinner at the Columbia then took a ghost tour via horse carraige. We cannot wait to head back the states and to my hometown of Daytona and head north to St Auggie for my beloved sangria and Columbia Rest. Cheers!! Blissy

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        Search threads in past year for St. Augustine. There are several good options. My top pick for a nice dinner would be Opus 39. The chowhound who introduced it on this board called it "destination dining" if I recall...a modest price of a great "price fixe" dinner. The owner/chef will cater to dining vegetarian.

        There is a funky little restaurant open for breakfast and lunch called the Dolphin Depot...great breakfasts. I visit St. Augustine once or twice a year for a weekend and have breakfast here daily!