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May 25, 2007 09:22 AM

Romantic dinner in Monterey

Hi, I'm looking for a restaurant in the Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove area, someting romantic for a anniversary celebration, possibly not outrageous in price, 20-30 per person. We both prefer seafood possibly Californian or Italian cusine, something relatively healthy.
Thanks so much, I would really appriciate any advice.

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  1. Your question presents a bit of a dilemna, since if you mean 20-30 per person total, not just entrees, the romantic places I can think of that are good are outside your budget and in some cases, way outside your budget, assuming that by romantic you mean cozy, quiet, candlelit, and perhaps a good view...My favorite seafood place is Passionfish, and it definitely falls in your budget and the food is great, but it isn't romantic unless you count the name or your idea of romantic is to dine with a view of a gas station....

    Most folks consider the White House in Pacific Grove to be romantic, though their three course dinner at $37 is outside your range, though not outrageously so. However, their sauces might be too heavy on the French influence to be healthy....still, it might be a good choice for you:

    The harbor view at Massoro and Santos might qualify it as romantic, and it is within your price range, but you will be sacrificing in the taste and quality of preparation of the food, IMO, so I can't say I really recommend it. Still, if romance is more important than the food, it might qualify, though I am not even sure about that: how can a place with a children's menu be romantic. If you go, stick to simple dishes like the sanddabs

    You might want to consider Stoke's Adobe: should be within your price range if you order carefully. Reports here have been mixed, so if you go, do report back!

    Still, if it were me, I'd either pay more and go to one of the top Carmel restaurants, or have a walk at Asilomar at sunset (now that is romantic!) followed by dinner at Passionfish....

    1. Seafood = Passionfish.

      Look no further. Seriously.

      1. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. We're food people, I would pick a place with great food over a crappy restaurant with a view any day. We have reservations at Passionfish for tomorrow night, I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again