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May 25, 2007 09:13 AM

Bubble tea outside Chinatown? Any updates?

I see various posts talking about St. Alp's on Third and the sad closing of the place on Sixth and 12th, or thereabouts.

Just wondered what anyone's found since those earlier posts. Any new places?


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  1. This may be further uptown than you expected, but Swish on Broadway and 116th has served it for a long time.

    1. a number of the places on that older thread have since closed... jenny's on st. mark's and A, the place on W 4th, etc. have sadly been shut down. forgive the pun, but it seems the bubble tea bubble has burst...
      but! st. alps on 3rd ave / 10th st. is still open.

      i also know of the following places:

      -lilli's noodle shop on 3rd ave & 84th (ok...)

      -dishes (not very good)

      -a great new(ish) tea shop on macdougal and w 3rd, diagonally across the st from yolato. can't remember the name but they have an excellent selection of teas and you can add tapioca to any of them, plus the staff is knowledgeable and super nice.

      -fruit cart lady on 45th/6th ave. (i usually buy fruit salads/smoothies from her, but i see posted on the cart a menu in english and chinese for various tapioca drinks.)

      1. Saint's Alp on 3rd between 9th and 10th is my regular standby in the East Village. Jenny's was quieter and had very nice waitresses and a very nice proprietress, but the louder Saint's Alp has more consistently good drinks.

        1. There is a tea shop off of West 3rd Street (one block up from the subway station walking toward NYU) that sells it. They are kind of pricey so go over to Bleeker to Suzie's Chinese Restaurant where it is a few bucks cheaper.

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            Cannot personally vouch for the quality but I believe Cafe Zaiya on 3rd Ave between 7th and St. Marks has Bubble Tea.

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              Had it this afternoon -- the pearls are a little bit too small and soft for me. They also put in too much ice, but the tea (and options to customize) were pretty good. They're also faster at doing pearl milk tea to go than St. Alp's is since most of Cafe Zaiya's stuff is to-go.

          2. Pearl on the Sushi on 9th Avenue in the 40s has bubble tea