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May 25, 2007 09:01 AM

Anguilla Restaurants

I've just returned from Anguilla and wanted to report on the dining options there for anyone traveling out that way in the future.

We ate at the following restaurants with comments:

Blanchard's - As many people noted, it's very expensive. Our bill came to $215.00 US for the following: two chopped salads, one Caribbean sampler and a ribeye steak. We also had one glass of wine each and a bottle of fizzy water. No dessert. The food was good, but not THAT good.

Zara's - Loved the singing chef! Anyone who goes must try the BBC which is a mango drink with bailey's and banana. I had a snapper dish which was pretty good. Even more impressive, there were no mosquitoes and in an island where it was hard to find a place that didn't have them, this is saying a lot!

Gwen's Reggae Grill - One of my favorite meals of the trip. Good value, nice portions and a delciious creole styled grilled snapper overlooking a gorgeous view of the water with a tasty rum punch.

Le Bon Pain - Henri Esposito, famous Anguilla-based artist and baker! A very unique spot with very tasty French pastries and cafe au lait. A definite highlight of the trip. Henri's art is fun and affordable as well.

Flavours - Great johnnycakes served gratis with the meal, delicious wine and a very tasty grilled snapper dish. Yes, I ate a lot of snapper! Nice view high on a hill overlooking Sandy Ground. The owner is extra charming and comes by to chat at the table - delightful lady originally had a business in French St. Martin.

Scilly Cay - What an experience! Loved it and didn't mind a bit when the bill came! Grilled crayfish and a stiff rum punch. The owner is a real hoot. He curses like a sailor, but completely charms at the same time. Delightful afternoon.

Pumphouse - Fun spot with a great bartender (Sarah) and an egg pizza specialty (don't ask!). Good burgers, good music and a good crowd. In Sandy Ground. The rum punch is the most unusual I tried on the entire island - full of lime and lemon juice.

Barrel Stay - I had the grilled wahoo. It was a $150.00 meal as are most in Anguilla, by the way, but other than the intrusive mosquitoes, it was fairly good food.

Tasty's - A lot of people raved about this, but I was disappointed. We went for breakfast, which was probably not the best time to eat there, but we were on our way to the airport. I ordered the fried fish and johnny cakes which also comes with bush tea. The fish was very flavorful, but instead of johnnycakes, I received a couple of pieces of toast instead. The waitress never bothered to mention they didn't have them that morning, so I left feeling very disappointed given that I ordered it specifically to try them.

So that's my report for all folks headed out to Anguilla. It was a lot of fun, but make sure you bring a big wallet - you will need it!

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  1. We were in Anguilla and these were our favorite restaurants:

    Oliver's - make sure you go downstairs for a drink; amazing setting on water
    Tasty's - for lunch
    Zurra at St. Regis Temenos is nice for lunch - beautiful view of ocean and gold course
    DO NOT GO TO: THE STRAW HAT - great ambience; inedible food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. re: LifeisGood58

      My faves:
      Zurra (especially for lunch)
      Trattoria Tramonto(especially for lunch)
      Tasty's for breakfasts (when they are not out of their authentic French toast)

      Blanchards is an arm and a leg and very over-rated

    2. we too were disappointed in Tasty's. I called ahead to check on the Caribbean breakfast and was told they had saltfish and johnny cakes. Mind you it was 18 USD each. When we arrived they had none offering toast. Who eats toast with saltfish?? They had no bush tea and did not reduce the price from 18. No plantains either. Do not go here.

      Smokey's was fun for Roti and a seaside lunch. Caprice would not take us as he said he did not have enough staff (there were two of us and we even offered to just order one course)...he insisted we needed a res. Going to Luna Rose tonight..more to's indeed pricey here..E's Oven is our fav rum punch and dinner and wait staff. Everyone adds 15% and to me service is lacking in some places due to motivation to serve well??

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        Please add Luna Rose to your list. I loved this new spot. Silvestro is a wonderful host and the setting magical. We loved the food and highly recommend this lovely spot. Silvestro is growing his own Arugula, tomatoes and herbs. The food was fresh and delicious.

        1. re: phelana

          We're in Anguilla now, currently eating our way through whatever is open. Loved Johno's in Sandy Ground, very laid back beach bar. We went to Scilly Cay (lunch) and Pimm's for dinner on Sunday. Scilly Cay is what it is, a place to drink really strong rum punches and enjoy some seafood. It's expensive and loud with a party atmosphere. We liked it. Pimm's is a great location, but $200+ expensive, still, when in Rome.

          Monday, we went to Ripples for lunch, an English pub sort of place at Sandy Ground, which is a great place to grab a simple, cheap lunch. For dinner, we went to Luna Rosa, which was excellent, highly recommended. Tuesday was Georges for lunch so we could check out Cap Juluca during the day. Very nice, but expensive like hotel resort places tend to be. I did like that they tell you what is in each drink on the menu itself! Dinner was at Straw Hat, and I wasn't impressed. Beautiful location, but the food was the most pedestrian of the trip.

          Yesterday we went Koal Keel for dinner. Outstanding. If we had more time I would definitely eat here again. We're off to Shoal Bay for lunch today to check out there beach bars and find a place to eat, and we'll wrap up with Blanchard's tomorrow.

          Cheers and good eating to everyone on Anguilla!

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            Not much open eh? We had lovely fish at Gwens. Also do not pass up E's Oven..and after Rum Punch with Elvis (Elvis's Beach Bar in Sandy Ground). Tell him Annie from Bonaire said hi. If you can go to Smokey's at Cove Bay for great chicken roti. I loved lobster at Dune Preserve for their Sunday scene. Where are you staying?

      2. I was in Anguilla a couple of weeks ago so lots of places were closed. I also liked E's Oven. Tasty's was fine for dinner when we went. Smokey's is a nice place for lunch since it's right on the beach (though I had cheese pizza and it had this odd flavor to it, not bad, but not exactly great either). When we were in Shoal Bay East, Uncle Ernie's ended up being a good choice. We just took a break from swimming, wrapped towels around ourselves and had some burgers (Boca burgers were available). Plus the guavaberry coladas were so yummy that we came back a second day just for more. We had one fancy dinner and it was at the CuisinArt resort's restaurant Santorini. We LOVED it - they have a hydroponic garden which was a huge plus for this vegetarian. My dinner companion loved the lamb. I am still dreaming about the chocolate five ways dessert. It topped of an amazing day at the spa.

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        1. re: LANewbie

          LA, we drove up to Ernie's and in low season Aug. it was too loud and crowded for us. Gwens was nice. I cannot imagine it up there during tourist season. I have heard accolades about the hydro garden at CA. Very cool. I am planning my next trip and will add it to my dining list. I highly recommend Luna Rosa. We cannot wait to hit Pumphouse and Veya next time as well.

        2. My husband just spent a year working on Anguilla and he seconds the Veya recommendations.