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List of restaurants that focus on local ingredients

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I'm trying to compile a list of restaurants that truly focus on local ingredients. I know quite a few that will feature a salad of local ingredients, but I'm looking for ones with are a bit more driven than that.


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  1. The Dressing Room only uses local ingredients. Really!

    1. You might also try Axe in Venice. Since they do alot of salads and vegetable dishes, using local produce is their focus. I think as a customer, it wouldn't hurt to make mentions of other local sources to the restaurants if you know of any that they could try. For those restaurants that are trying to source more of their ingredients locally, I would think they would always be very open to such suggestions. Thanks for starting this thread...

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        I know a few off-hand sort of by word of mouth. Blue Velvet downtown is growing some of their produce on their roof http://www.bluevelvetrestaurant.com/

        and la pergola 15005 Ventura Blvd. (Lemona Ave.) Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818-905-8402 in Sherman Oaks has their own garden as well.

      2. Grace just started doing a "400-mile" menu, where all the ingredients are within a 400-mile radius.


        1. Josie in Santa Monica uses at least some if not all produce from local farmer's markets.

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            Especially on Wednesdays when they do their farmers market dinners.

          2. Little Next Door started touting on its chalkboard that they use local sustainable ingredients.

            1. Campanile, Grace, Providence, and Josie all are big-time customers at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market, so that's probably a pretty good indication. Also, anywhere Alain Giraud is cooking will rely heavily on local produce -- that's one of his priorities.

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                I've also seen Joe Miller of Joe's at the WED SM FM regularly, but he's there early like most discerning chefs - they get first shot at everything!

              2. Madeleine Bistro
                M Cafe de Chaya
                Newsroom Cafe
                Chamberlain West Hollywood
                Table 8

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                  Firefly bistro in South Pasadena has the Thursday farmer's market right outside their front door. Very yummy too!!

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                    I've been here a couple times and have not been impressed. The market is great and then I sit down for dinner and find myself underwhelmed by the kitchen. Perhaps I've just had bad luck because I have heard other people recommend the place, but after two bum visits, I think I'll just move on...

                2. The Santa Monica Farmers Markets have a binder full of menus at each Market from all of the restaurants who shop at the Markets!

                  1. Avanti Cafe in Costa Mesa.

                      1. Check out sustainabletable.org which gives lists of bakers, farms, restaurants and stores based on your zip code.

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                          Thank you for this link, it is very helpful.