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May 25, 2007 07:56 AM

Urena tonight?

I have a reservation at Urena tonight.... wondering if I should keep it or try something else. Looking for a light meal, not too expensive, good priced wine, and to have an quasi romantic experience. Is this a good match?

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  1. This restaurant is all about the FOOD...The chef is perhaps the most underrated culinary star in NYC....His food is terrific, inventive and memorable. The menu is not inexpensive and the environment is modest. BUT GO FOR THE FOOD.

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    1. re: Will4Food

      I second that will4food! Love his foie gras app etc...

    2. Agree with Will4's all about the food. A truly wonderful chef making brilliant food. GO! That said, the location, room and service leave a lot to be desired. Look past it and enjoy the hidden star of the NYC food scene.

      I wish him well...Alex UreƱa has high aspirations, but I fear the room and service (not to mention it's out-of-the-way location) may hold him back. When you're served an amuse and petit fours in an ugly room as waiters drop forks on your lap, some may ignore the perfection on the plate and focus on the um, less-than-perfect aspects. My hope is that he's able to pull it all together, because this food deserves to be loved.

      1. great, i'm sold. any other recs?

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          Two weeks ago, I had terrific crab lasagna, suckling pig empanada, halibut and chocolate dumplings. Can't remember what others had, but all was enjoyed.

        2. Went for dinner on Tuesday night and all I can say is that the food while good the portions are teeny teeny. Two of us ordered 5 apps and an entree. I am usually good with 2 apps and sharing dessert. We left extremely stuffed only bec. they first brought out the wrong entree and than very nicely gave it to us on the house. Otherwise with one entree my guess is that we would have ordered dessert.

          I have to disagree about service and the atmosphere. Service was wonderful, I asked that the apps be brought out 2 at a time as we were sharing everything and our plates and utensils were changed 5 times with each of the 3 times that apps were brought out and during each of the 2 entrees. Waiter was very good about constantly filling my water. I am a big water drinker during meals and we were not rushed at all. My friend and I were catching up and was there for almost 3 hours. I thought the room was fine. Not the nicest one I have ever been in, but I could not find any fault with it.

          I will concur that it is not inexpensive. While the food was good, nothing wowed me and I probably will not be back only bec. there are so many restaurants that I want to try and this bill was not exactly inexpensive.