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May 25, 2007 07:35 AM

Beef Wellington in NYC?

My husband is a big fan of good beef wellington. Can anyone recommend a place in Mahattan that serves the dish well?

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  1. This dish has been out of fashion for a while, although some chefs are updating it with tuna instead of fish. If it's still on the menu, you might try the romantic ONE IF BY LAND in Greenwich Village. Their Beef Wellington used to be the hit of their menu.

    1. Dylan Prime is often cited as having one of the premiere Beef Wellington dishes in Manhattan. Also, Stanton Social makes a decent one.

      1. I did the same search a while back because my mother is a wellington fan. We ended up trying both Dylan Prime and OIBL (where she used to go for wellington in years past), and were INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED with both. Good luck with your search and please report back...

        1. the post offfice i believe has it as a special on saturday's. i have never had it there though.

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            The nytimes went crazy for the wellington (or at least the new restaurant) in the morgan Library. not the cafe but their fancy Restaurant.

          2. One If By Land is not exactly popular on this board, but their Beef Wellington was one of the memorable part of my only meal in the restaurant.

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              If I remember correctly, the beef wellington at one if by land left me disappointed (it's one of my favrorite foods as well). The originally Balducci's used to make a brilliant one around the holidays. I don't know if their new store on 14th does.