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scranton to cleveland road trip suggestions?

since we'll be doing most of this drive at night (late), we need all-night diner-types and breakfast places close to I-80. we're pretty open to stopping anywhere. might sleep somewhere halfway and finish the ride early. not sure yet. thanks

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  1. how about Friday dinner in Scranton...something near the triple-A ballpark?

    1. how about dinner in Scranton somewhere near the triple-A ballpark?

      1. i don't know what's on the road between scranton and cleveland - i flew out to Cleveland a couple weeks ago - but when you get there, go to Cedarlands - it's a lebanese place across the street from the Cleveland Clinic on Euclid. It's only about 10 minutes from downtown and it is GREAT food. :)

        1. I haven't made the drive along I-80 in a couple of years but we used to make the trip across PA regularly. Our favorite stops were:
          DuBois - Hitching Post on Rt. 219 is a 24-hour bar that has a separate dining room and serves a surprisingly good breakfast. It is not a place I would stop at 2:00am but it is fine for breakfast if you are there at breakfast time.
          Knox - Wolf's Den at exit 53 is one of our favorites for lunch. We prefer the atmosphere in the bar with the fireplace.
          Emlenton - There is a truck stop there that is probably open 24 hours and serves pretty good food. About the only truck stop I would recommend on I-80.
          Sharon exit - Middlesex Diner in West Middlesex, Rt. 18 at Rt. 60, is also a decent breakfast spot along the interstate.

          Hope this helps. Sorry I can't help with Scranton dinner.

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            thanks. both these responses help. I'll let everyone know what we find

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              i did a similar itinerary 4th of july weekend last year. great memories.

              that emlenton truck stop - i can second that recommendation. i don't remember its name, but i think it had a dark-green awning (as did the adjacent gas station). i was so pleasantly surprised by my pancakes and hashbrowns there! t'was much better than any food west of there!

              that infamous sheetz gas station - i stopped there too. the place is amazing. it is a shopping mecca when you stumble in at 3am half-asleep. there was a statue of an elongated cowboy carrying a liquor bottle. i of course bought him and named him gomez (after the purpose of the trip). good times.

              make sure you hit that emlenton truck stop!!

            2. I've done that drive quite a bit and can say that I haven't found much other than stopping at Sheetz for sandwiches.

              In Cleveland I HIGHLY recommend Great Lakes Brewing Company in addition to catching a ballgame at Jacobs Field.

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                thanks. we're going to Indians-Tigers!
                is Sheetz a gas station? I did a google search but am not quite sure where/what it is

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                  Yes, Sheetz is a gas station with a convenience store, but their sandwiches and selection are pretty good. Very good coffee too.

                  If memory serves me correctly they are located right of off Route 80 at exits 120, 97 and 79.

                  As for Jacobs Field, the food there is very good, especially in the area behind the center field seats.

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                    perfect - esp the coffee; always hard to find on the road. thanks.

              2. Somewherere on the middle of the stretch, there is a large sign shaped like a coffee pot. Perhaps the name might be Secondi Bros. But then, perhaps not. Looks like it's been there for decades. By the time we see it, we're past it, and we only make the trip once a year. Anyone been? Is it awful? There's just so few locations along this stretch that we've been able to locate.

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                  I think you are speaking of Sass Brothers. That is located at the Clearfield exit 120.

                  Think I've done that drive a few times? :)

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                    I think he's got it! So, have you tried it? I'll be back that way again in a month and a half.

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                      Actually it's Sapp Brothers, not Sass. And, no, I've never tried it. I've only stopped at Sheetz.

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                        Sapp Bros is nowhere near the quality (and I'm talking food, not gas) of Sheetz.

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                            I'm originally from Clearfield and have been to Sapp Bros. many times. The food isn't great but it isn't bad. Their Patty Melts are good for highway food. If you are passing through in the morning the breakfasts are definitely the way to go--much better than a schmisquit from sheetz.

                            Although if you are stopping for breakfast I would suggest going to the dutch pantry--make a left off the exit.

                            If you are passing through during lunch/dinner go to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub. Take a left off the exit (if you are coming from the East) onto 879 and take the exit after going across the bridge (sorry don't know the exit numbers but I think it will say to 322). When you come down to the light, go straight and Denny's is up on the hill. They are famous for their 15 pound hamburgers. They also have good hot wings. Stick to the mild, medium, hot though and not their "designer" flavors, the ones I've had haven't been as good as their standard hot wings.

                2. That's an easy drive, I just drove non stop to Chicago, what ever you do, avoid the Dubois diner it's awful. There is'nt much along I-80, the best suggestion I can give would be to stop off in punxsutawney, at least it's an interesting stop off, and i would Gamble that you'll be able to find some good morning grub in town.