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May 25, 2007 06:40 AM

Looking for sushi restaurant in Greensboro, nc

My 11 yr old loves sushi. We told him if he won a certain reading award (which he did) we would drive to Greensboro to a nice sushi restaurant. Any recomendations or should we go a little further to Raleigh? We are in Danville.

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  1. There are a handfull of restaurants that serve sushi in Greensboro. I can't rattle them all off but if you google "Greensboro Sushi" you'll find most of them. I can only comment on Kabuto's (Wendover Ave.), Sushi Republic (formerly Sushi 101 - Tate St.), and Asahi's (West Market St.). They were all good, std fare, although nothing that'd blow your mind like Matsuhisa's Nobu. I'd gladly continue my patronage to any of the area's restaurants but I won't crave nor daydream of return visits like my old haunts of SF, Oakland, CA.

    There's always the alternative of making it at home as well. I encourage everyone to head to their respective Asian food market and procure a rice cooker, seaweed sheets, bamboo sushi roller, and other assorted goods (rice, rice vinegar, wasabi, etc.). Then hook up some sashimi grade tuna, mackeral, salmon, etc. and roll it at home. I'm still about 60 yrs in the making as a sushi chef but its fun ( coin a Bay Area term...hella affordable).

    1. I also like Sushi Republic. I've heard they moved to a larger space, although still on Tate Street.