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May 25, 2007 06:16 AM

Semolina Bread in Buffalo

Anyone know of a place that sells traditional Semolina Bread in the Buffalo area? If not, maybe a place you have it shipped from in the Tri-state region?

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  1. The only place I've found it is at Wegman's on McKinley.

    1. Did you call DiCamillo's Bakery?
      Williamsville & Niagara Falls

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      1. re: jerryc123

        Just checked at DiCamillo's. They do not have it. Haven't gone to the Wegman's on McKinley yet--do they have it daily or is it hit or miss? Someone said they thought a place in Niagara Falls had it. Not knowing the Falls that well, can anyone give me a few places to start?

      2. I think they're talking about DiCamillo's when they say Niagara Falls. Call Wegman's before trecking.

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        1. re: houdini

          Ok, stopped by 2 DiCamillo's (one in the Falls and one in Williamsville) and nothing there and also called the Wegman's on McKinley and they said they don't do them anymore. I called around to a few other bakeries in Amherst (which I am closer to) with no luck. I am not as familiar with downtown Buffalo, the Falls, and the Southtowns so if I can get a few more suggestions to try, that would be great!

          If not, I guess I will have to learn how to bake! :)

          1. re: L_W

            Le Metro used to bake some nice breads at their Utica and Elmwood location (that is now called something else) and I seem to remember semolina. Their bread was still around; they also have a location in Williamsville, I think. Give them a call.

            Other longshots you might call: Dolce and the Globe Market (both on Elmwood) or Premier Gourmet.