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May 25, 2007 04:29 AM

Quick dinner near Sottile Theater - Charleston

We'll be driving down on a Friday from Columbia to Charleston for Spoleto. Our first show is that Friday night at the Sottile theatre at 8:00 which is located on George right off of Meeting. It's right by FIG, but we already have reservations for the next night. I know Peninsula Grill is right there, though unless they'd be willing to let us eat at the bar, it may be a more involved dinner than we're looking for, considering we'll probably only have an hour or so before the show. Are there any good/casual places around?

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  1. There are really only a few good restaurants in close proximity to Sottile. Because you will be in a hurry I guess there is little point to going to anything fancy. Right on King is a place called Little Thi Too that is surprisingly good. On Wentworth there is the original (and best of the now growing local chain) Andolini's. They have very good pizza, terrible wine, and middle-of-the-road beer. Sushi Hiro has good quick sushi (King St). Jim & Nick's BBQ on King St is popular but I really don't care for their brand of BBQ. It is a chain and not very authentic in my opinion. If you can arrange for a Pedi Cab or rickshaw it would be worth the short trip to Pane y Vino on Warren St. It is quick, under priced, and so flippin' good.

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      In addition to CharlestonChow's recommendations, there is Sermet's at the corner of Wentworth and King. It is probably the "best" of that area (although they have ridiculously hard seats). Also, just a little further down King is Old Towne, a Greek restaurant with great typical Greek restaurant food (they have a huge and delicious Greek salad, as well as fantastic rotisserie chicken).

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        Of course! I forgot all about Sermet's. THat is where you should probably go.

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          awesome, thanks for the recs. I've seen Sermet's but was a bit put off by the chairs...they do seem rather uncomfortable.