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May 25, 2007 04:27 AM

Oaxacan in Poughkeepsie? Looking in Dutchess or Columbia Cty

"Poughkeepsie is home to a rare Oaxacan community . . ."
that's what I read here
in a post from 1998

Any updates?
I'm poking around the Hudson Valley for the next few months, Columbia County and Northern Dutchess. Suggestions for authentic Oax, taco stands, farm stands, vegetarian marvels or local pig roasts, chilidogs and especially anything oddball and delicious gratefully sought.

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  1. i can't vouch for what is authentic oaxacan.

    however, there are definitely oaxacans and poblanos in poughkeepsie.

    most of the oddball stuff you describe, i haven't seen up here. HOWEVER...if you go down main street in poughkeepsie, you'll see a bunch of places where english is a secondary (or optional) language. included in these: la cabanita, los compadres (english not spoken by all), a peruvian place slightly further down with the chickens cooking in the rotisserie, cinco de mayo (academy/main), and a bunch of little tiendas along the way like la michaocana (spelling?) you will NOT find the street vendors...also, i've heard some people liking el bracero, i wasn't knocked out by it.

    la cabanita has changed since i first posted on it a couple years ago, and made it a little less of the (clean) dive it was, and changed their dish selection.

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      thanks for the response!
      we didn't make it to Poughkeepsie yet, but did have a nice casual meal at a bar in Philmont called The Public House. It was a nothing-looking place that turned out to have an organic/local focus -- grass fed free-range burger, good salad, organic beer (Wolaver), but not pricey. yeah!
      It's on the main street, with a chalk board outside that says Open For Lunch.

      1. re: bob gaj

        saw this thread was revived...i highly recommend cinco de mayo (on academy, a couple buildings south of main) for nice stuff. the agua frescas are great, too!

      2. if you go anywhere, go to tacocina. it's on route 9 in wappinger falls and it is delicious. don't be fooled by the appearance, the food is amazing! it's a small family-owned mexican grocery but in the back is a small kitchen where you can order a variety of things which are made fresh. grandma is literally rolling out your tortillas. i highly reccomend it.

        1. I agree with Radioactivebetty! Tacocina, is as authentic Mexican as you can get! Everything is made fresh, and they have all kinds of different meat fillings for their "tacos"-Not like any taco I have ever had, but very fresh and delicious.They even have tripe, beef tongue, and beef head for taco fillings!