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May 25, 2007 02:19 AM

London fishmonger for sashimi quality fish?

What are some London fishmongers that sell true sashimi quality fish?

If you ask an English fishmonger if his fish is "sashimi grade" and can be eaten raw, he either demurs or else says "Yes, this fish is extremely fresh." Then if you ask, "Has it been frozen?" He says "No, it's extremely fresh."

Unfortunately, I've done a bit of research here, and a certain kind of freezing is what makes fish "sashimi grade" and safe to eat raw. The freezing process destroys dangerous parasites. (See and ). London fishmongers are pretty ignorant about sashimi.

In London, where can I buy tuna, salmon, and other fish that are safe to eat raw?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I second Atari-Ya. I had a look at the branch in Acton after visiting Sushi-Hiro which they supply . . . here's a picture I took, which may give you some (small) idea of the quality of the tuna.

    2. I don't know if this totally answers your question, but there's a rather good fishmonger on Church Street in Croydon ( tells me it's called the Surrey Fish Co.) which often has tuna that's specifically marked as sashimi grade. I used to buy fish from there roughly weekly when I lived in the area, and it was always good.

      1. Steve Hatt is a fishmonger that has excellent fish and true sashimi quality. He has had a very successful shop in London for years and also supplies restaurants.
        Steve Hatt
        88-90 Essex Road
        N1 8LU
        phone 020 7226 3963 (probably best to phone and check what they have in stock that day)
        Not open Sunday or Monday

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          Second. This is my local fishmonger and the quality is excellent.


        2. You can get sashimi grade tuna, salmon, fluke, sea bass (maybe one or two others) at Japanese supermarkets including Natural Natural (Finchley Road or Ealing Common), Atari Ya (various locations including Finchley Road and Ealing) and the supermarket at the Oriental City plaza (Colindale). You can also get good quality, well priced sashimi to go (including yellowtail) in Selfridge's food hall.

          In terms of fishmongers, there are a few good ones dotted about London. I think it's a case of finding a good local place and striking up a rapport with the fishmonger to the extent that you are convinced by his expertise and can ask him to find out from his supplier whether the fish in question is worthy of a "sashimi grade" certification in terms of how it has been frozen/preserved from the time it was caught and in respect of it being free of any parasites (salmon for example is notoriously susceptible to parasites and is therefore relatively rarely found on sushi menus in Japan).