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May 25, 2007 01:06 AM


Rocket? How is it? Curious about the food (although the kitchen is new) and also the service. Yes, I know the view is great. Bu beyond that fact?

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  1. It's still pretty early. I hope to go there again soon, though, to see if they've worked out some kinks. There are a couple reports up on

    I had an inconsistent first meal. Had the duck which was waaaaay overcooked to the point of being well done. Some of the sides (you mix and match sides to entrees) were very tasty, such as the tomatoed potatoes, while some fell very flat. The cleverer items, like the lamb corndog, were actually the best, I thought.

    My service was excellent, although the kitchen was slow. I assume that will get better, though I was annoyed that night because Chef Storrs was schmoozing so much and when the food is slow and not well-executed that's frustrating.

    And yes, the room is fantastic.