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CUT - Didn't Do It For Me

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Being a creature of habit, it's rare for me to actually venture out into the world and try new restaurants, especially anything as far east as Beverly Hills. My regular spots are Ivy Santa Monica, Josie, Mastros, Shutters-- not that The Ivy ever brags to be great food, but you really don't have all that high expectations.

But, Cut with it's storied people behind it, primo real estate, and hoity toity design, for what you're paying at this place, you better walk out pretty darn happy. And, tonight we didn't.

For our 8 PM reservation, I checked in at 7:45 PM and we were seated at 8:20 PM. Mind you, there were several open tables for two, being it's probably a slow weekend during the Film Festival held in France. At 8:30 PM, finally someone greets us to take a drink order.

Whatever you do at this place, please request to NOT sit at Jeffrey's station. He was our server who came from Spago in Las Vegas. He was really cavalier, and didn't have the attentiveness one would expect at the 2nd most expensive restaurant in the county!

He took our drink order (iced water for me), and it took another 10 minutes or so to even get that. The only good thing about the service came from the sommalier. What a delight she was. I don't drink at all, but she really encouraged me to sample some wines. I love how she took the time to really go through my options. I don't remember what I ordered by the glass, but whatever it was, I really enjoyed it.

So, finally we ordered. I orded the American Kobe filet, the spinach, and the onion rings, and by 9 30 PM, we had not even gotten our food, when everyone one else around us, who had seated after, was already eating. My friend mentioned it to the manager, who really didn't seem to care, and didn't ask us if we wanted more wine or anything. We were never offered a selection of bread. We were only offered that cheese bread. Jeffrey never bothered to check on us, most likely because we weren't ordering bottles of wine.

By 9:45 our food finally came. The steak was fantastic, I have to say. But, the sides were terrible. The best side order was the spinach, but the rest I took home and offered it to the homeless guy on the promenade. I couldn't even eat the mushrooms with beans (whatever that is).

The table next to us over heard us complaining to each other, and they even noticed how poorly we were treated. Our bill came out to $300 for 2 without bottle service! Ouch!! And, before tip!!!

I read most people write how this is LA's premier steak restaurant now, but not in my book. I most certainly prefer Mastros and Arnie Mortons. I won't voluntarily return to this place. If I want expensive, mediocre food, I'll go to the Ivy Santa Monica. At least at The Ivy, they treat their customers much much better.

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  1. even trying to get a reservation was a nightmare. without going into the boring details, they couldnt get me a reservation for 9PM even a month ahead of time. silly silly place.

    1. I like Cut.

      But I know this much, Cut is not a restuarant that I would necessarily spend my own money at.

      It is definitely an expense account restaurant for me ... and I definitely want to keep it that way.

      1. Folks, pardon the interruption, but we've removed the off topic digression about how to handle complaints about service at this restaurant. Please keep the discussion focused on chow, and/or service issues at this restaurant.

        1. For me Ruths Chirs , Mastros, and Mortons are the TOP! Not necessarily in that order... Mortons/Ruths Chirs really depend on which restaurant you are dining at, I would stay away form morton in Burbank ... Mastros, I will take the one in Westlake over the other..

          as for Cut I give it 7/10 a definite contender but a miss in my book

          1. what a huge disappointment for you. i liked my steak alot, but I did not like any of the sides except for the onion rings, which i loved. had good service. it's too hard to get into unless, of course, you're a celebrity, so even though i would like to go back, I probably will not!

            1. It's a shame that, what should have been such a lovely evening out, was ruined by the service issues you have so elegantly described. If there were only something you could do about this poor excuse for "fine dining" you had to suffer through. I just can't think of anything to suggest, but maybe something will occur to you?

              Thanks for taking the time to post about your evening, no matter how much it probably brought back the angst you must have been feeling as you laid down your $300. We too like Arnie Morton's and your hard earned money can go a lot further there.

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                I just recently went to Mastros in thousand oaks and HATED it. the food wasnt that great and the atmosphere was snoody

                1. re: AdamFoodie

                  Adam you are right about the Crowd being snooty... LOL!!! They all think they actually live in LA instead of BFE