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raw shrimp appetizer at Sripraphai

tummyache May 24, 2007 11:09 PM

I had lunch today at Sripraphai and ordered the raw shrimp with chilies, garlic, lime, etc. which was a dish I had never tried there. It was delicious but I was surprised to see just how raw it actually was. I was thinking it might be ceviche-like or maybe somewhere in the middle of raw and cooked (by the lime juice) but they were definitely gray. Interestingly, it didn't taste like I imagined raw shrimp would taste. They were crunchy and not mushy or slimy like they looked. Does anyone know what they do with these shrimp? are they just exceptionally fresh? Or do they marinate long enough in the juice they serve it in?

The rest of the food was great as always: drunken noodles w/pork, bbq beef with chili, lime ,and mint, soft shell crab with pumpking in green curry...