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May 24, 2007 10:44 PM

Mexican Food After Dodger Game

My visiting sister wants mexican food after seeing Dogers vs Cubs on sunday. I am new to LA so i'm not too sure where to take her. What do you think of these two places -

La Serenata de Garibaldi or La Golondrina.

They look pretty close to the stadium. Opinons or other suggestions appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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  1. Both good, a bit upscale, which is good. If you want enchiladas, burritos, rice & beans try Barragans, 1/2 mile from stadium, watch out for the margaitas or go to East LA and hit up Manuels El Tepeyac on Evergreen.

    1. My dinners were so great at La Seranata!

      1. For a true L.A. experience, start early and grab breakfast or a sandwich at Phillipe's French Dip Sandwiches before the game (and walk around Olvera St.), absolutely get a Dodger Dog at the game (why even go to a game if your not going to eat?), and then after the game get some tacos at one of the million taco places. I recommend the King Taco chain.

        1. Definitely La Serenata over La Golondrina, it's no contest. If you want a really great taco stand - with other stuff as well - Carnitas Michoacan on Broadway near the 5 freeway. Close to Dodger Stadium and definitely good, although not as good as either of those, is Rodeo Grill on Sunset just west of Echo Park Blvd. You can also go a little further afield to 6th St. near MacArthur Park to Chichenitza - Yucatan food and truly great, nice atmosphere as well.

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            We picked up burritos from Carnitas Michoacan to take in to last Monday's game - our first time there and WOW, fantastic. The roja is the absolute best.

          2. I think both are good options for an out-of-town visitor.

            The food at La Serenata is more upscale/gourmet; their fish dishes are where they really shine. It would probably be the most unique Mexican food experience for an out-of-towner.

            The food at La Golondrina is more what you think of when you think of Mexican food in Los Angeles -- it's pretty old-school, big plates with lots of cheese, refried beans, big basket of chips & salsa, etc. I think the food here is better than most of the other similar options in the area (Barragans, El Compadre, etc.). It's also a bit pricey for what it is, but then again, it is in a touristy area. An added bonus for the out-of-town visitor is that you get to hit two historic L.A. destinations in one day -- Dodger Stadium and Olvera Street.

            As an alternate to both, and if you want down-and-dirty delicious taco-stand Mexican, I second or third the recommendation for Carnitas Michoacan.

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              Wow, I was going to write in thinking I'd be the only one to give love to Carnitas Micaocan, on North Broadway and 19th, near the 5 freeway intersections. A stand with covered patio seating and parking in the back, they are the best! My friends that introduced me to the place like the carne asada and the quesadillas. But I love the al pastor, cut from a rotisserie spit, and I agree that their salsa roja (which I've also seen described as a salsa negra) is absolutely the best in town. Dark brick-red, thin, smoky, spicy, hot and complex, it is truly amazing. You can just get a tortilla there and use it to eat that sauce.