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May 24, 2007 10:15 PM

North Park San Diego - I'm out of ideas!

I organize a monthly night out for parents in my kid's playgroup (moms & dads). People tend to not want to stray far from the North Park/Hillcrest/Normal Heights area. I try to keep the cost fairly reasonable (it's nice if there are entrees in the $12 range, just to not exclude anyone). And we have some people who don't eat red meat. And it's nice if we can make reservations. Easy, right?
Places we've gone:
Soltan Banoo
Cantina Mayahuel
Wine Steals
Saigon (on El Cajon)
Takeout from Lefty's & Phil's
Amarin Thai
Brazil by the Hill

Anything that's not on my radar?
I'm thinking about that Mexican place that replaced Tazablanca.
Khyber Pass (but parking is soooo bad around there).
I think Jayne's might be a little pricey. Maybe the Linkery?

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  1. I would certainly add the linkery to that rotation. Good food, reasonably priced and lots of vegetarian options. Alexanders (across the street) is getting some good word of mouth. I have also had good success at Dmood. Just fabulous is small and kind of cramped........but the food is good.

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      Yeah not sure how Linkery was missed. It hits all your reqs. $12-range items, vegetarian friendly, good food and interesting.

      1. re: Josh

        The Linkery is one of my favorite restaurants currently in SD, don't miss it. Hopefully you can also soon add Caffe (Pizzeria) Calabria to your NP rotation

    2. Alexanders was just written up in this weeks Thursday entertainments section of the UnionTribune. Sounds appealing......still working on the service aspect.

      1. -Sushi Ono is a lot of fun - if not the most Japanese of experiences.

        -Ichiban on the Rocks opened where Antico Trattoria was, it might fit your bill

        -Cafe Eleven has decent food that's certainly well priced.

        - Rancho's has lots of veg-friendly options and good food overall

        Also, if your group is a decent size and you go mid-week, it doesn't hurt to call the restaurant in advance and see if they'll work a pre-fixe menu for you. We've done it where we get 3 courses for a set price that includes a few different options as opposed to the whole menu. If that's of interest, I'd recommend Kensington Grille (last 3 times we've been to Ponce's, it's been SRO while KG has been e-m-p-t-y. Another consideration would be either California Cuisine or Terra.

        1. FYI - Just Fabulous has been sold - I'm not sure if anything has replaced it yet.

          I'd recommend Dao Son, the aforementioned Linkery and Jaynes is worth a visit - they have a couple of entrees in that range, the burger, the fish and chips and a couple of pasta dishes - but most are in the 20's. Bite, Chris Walsh's new small-bites restaurant has also just opened in Hillcrest. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but early buzz is good!

          I also haven't tried Alexander's yet. I've heard the decor is cool but the food is middling.

          1. I would suggest Mama Testa and I am sure if you called the owner in advance he would reserve some tables for you. There are tasty vegetarian options on the menu and if you search the boards there are lots of recommendations.

            Also, The Gathering in Mission Hills just re-opened. Food price is close to what you want and there are several vegetarian items. Keep in mind they just re-opened and service is a little slow and uneven but that is what happens when a restaurant opens (or re-opens).
            Across the street from The Gathering is Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe which I think is good and fits your price.

            A little farther (with a wee bit of a hassle for parking) is Shakespeare's that has tasty pub food. Less options for the vegetarian but still good.

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