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May 24, 2007 09:09 PM

Need great bang for your buck italian in LES/SOHO/NOLITA area.

What I'm looking for is a good cheap italian place ($25-30/pp range perhaps, less is more) for very well executed standby italian food, in the above areas. I want to be full after every meal, but food quality is just as important.

I'm not looking to explore creative italian cuisine. I just want a place I can go to as I'm always in these neighborhoods for a decent lasanga, Linguini with white clam sauce, carbonara, perhaps some bruschetta or maybe an antipasti platter that doesn't taste like it's from boar's head.

However, if you can point me to a place that does all this in addition to having a buffalo mozz caprese, that'd be great!

I heard something about Max on 2nd ave bet 3+4 I believe. I'd like some more focused suggestions though, so that finding a standby place to eat doesn't take forever. Thanks!

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  1. How about Bar Pitti on 6th Ave just south of Bleecker?

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      Second, if you can get in without standing on line for half an hour (or more). I suggest going at 6 p.m. latest.

    2. Bianca on Bleeker near Bowery. Great Lasagne.

      1. Frank in the East Village (gets crowded though so go early or late to avoid a long wait) and Valdino West (you didn't ask for WV but it's a great solid choice).

        1. Cacio e Pepe is also v. good and pretty inexpensive.

          1. Cacio e Pepe and Enoteca Barbone