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May 24, 2007 08:12 PM

Valladolid--suggestions for restaurants?

We will be in Valladolid for a week for a conference. Do you have any suggestions for interesting restaurants there? Also, there used to be a restaurant in Valladolid that served fabulous baby lamb. Do you know its name? Thanks!

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  1. I am planning to visit Valladolid in the fall and here are a few selections that I have been researching and have come recommended to me.

    La Parrilla de San Lorenzo
    Calle Pedro Niño 1
    Cuisine: Castilian, International
    Hours: Daily 1:30-3:30pm and Mon-Sat 9pm-midnight
    Prices: Main courses 12€-17€
    Beautiful setting and classic dishes like "Chuleton de Buey"- sirloin steak and hake fillets, traditional Spanish desserts. This restaurant serves some of the finest grilled fish and meat dishes in town. The house specialty is milk-fed lamb cooked to tender perfection in a wood oven.

    Mesón Cervantes
    Rastro 6
    Cuisine: Spanish, International
    Hours: Mon-Sat noon-4pm and 9pm-midnight
    Prices: Main courses 12€-20€
    Residents favor this place for its lack of pretension and its delectable cuisine. This is a traditional restaurant with such signature dishes as rice with wild rabbit and steak in a red wine and foie gras sauce. Other dishes in past have included Lobster salad and sauteed clams.

    Mesón Panero
    Marina Escobar 1
    Cuisine: Castilian, French
    Hours: Daily 1:30-4pm; Mon-Sat 9pm-midnight
    Prices: Main courses 15€-19€
    Cozy informal restaurant specialized like so many others in the area for roast meats, excellent wine list.