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Alegria, Carnitas

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I haven't seen much discussion of Alegria on this board. I was there last night, after not going for two years. I had always thought of the place as where one had to have mole. Perhaps this was the fault of reading Jonathan Gold or something. But last night it was carnitas. Requested them extra crispy. They definitely were good. The waiter wanted me to go "edgar" which is not on the menu but involves putting in your carnitas burrito the things that they put in the veggie burrito. I just wanted the cilantro and beans so I passed. Also enjoyed the pozole verde soup -- I know there are detractors, but what do people think about Alegria? I have been disappointed by carnitas all over town, but these last night carnitas were rocking. Burrito was too dry on its own--needed a big serving of salsa verde, which I did order and happily so.

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  1. Alegria does get a bit of a bad rap, but any time I feel a cold coming on, I head straight for their tortilla soup. It's amazing.

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      me too on that soup! burns the cold right out of ya! I love Alegria. Especially the Agua Fresca Cantaloupe.

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