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May 24, 2007 07:47 PM

Downtown delivery

New to LA and temporarily living downtown (across the street from the Standard). Any good delivery options in the area?

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    1. I'm a huge fan of Gil's Indian for take-out and delivery. Although I'm no Indian food expert, their chicken tikka masala is right up there on my list of comfort foods.

      Also, on CH recommendations, I recently tried Purgatory Pizza and quite enjoyed it. We got chorizo and bell peppers - it was yummy!

      1. For DT eats that deliver
        Pit Fire pizza, La bella cucina, rocket pizza, Capperii
        bangkok express on glendale
        El Rancho, Senor fish
        El pollo land
        The yorkshire down the street from you delivers but only during the week and during biz hours

        The menu page link is a good call too

        1. The Daily Grill delivers, and they are right next door. It's a little pricey, but they have decent food if you're looking for sandwiches, salads, bistro food.

          Clare K.

          1. I am new as well, i live in the market lofts, right above the ralphs. I have eaten at local places, pantry and roys, qudoba and other stuff. but then one day at Ralphs i got a flyer for delivereee. it was weird it was like theymade this just for the city people. I noticed they deliver anything so, i put them to the test. I ordered Petes, and some groceries. It was sooo cool , I called placed an order and they actualy brought me petes. I love the blue cheese fries they are to die for. But petes is always crowded and no parking. plus i eat alone and dont know any one, so i tried it. it was fab.

            I will be posting lots of my new favs on this blog. since i have no reall friends in the city yet.

            Peter ( new Market Loft Resident)

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              Is this a service that Ralphs offers just to those living in the Market Loft residences or is it available to anyone within a certain delivery area downtown?

              1. re: ptextrem

                Half of the places that they deliver from deliver anyways minus the service fee.
                May i also suggest lulu kebab Broadway and 9th just opened and darn good, Colori Kitchen is a walk away from you and they deliver too dinner weds. to Saturday night BYOW, woodspoon is down the street from you on 9th past Broadway next door to that is L'angelo. Oh yeah and tierra cafe on 9th past main is great for Saturday or Sunday brunch.
                And finally if you ever get that carne asada craving you must just must try Tacos Mexico at Broadway and 9th