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May 24, 2007 07:37 PM

Recommendations for a party of 20 not quite twenty-somethings

Any recommendations for a sweet 16 party for the child of Manhattan foodie? Fun food and environment,and good cooking is a must, maybe even a little upscale to give a frisson of partying like the big kids. I'd welcome any suggestions.

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  1. In my experience, level of enjoyment will... depend on who's paying. That said, I've recently(ok fine, 1-2 years ago)went to a similar aged party(only 12 people, take note) at Eatery(modest prices), loud enough, fairly good food, etcetera., However, everyone paid for themselves.

    Alright, before I can think of any more places, will adults be present(meaning you want stuff for the adults too[wine beverage etc.,]? Are you looking for a catered style/rent a private room, very celebratory dining experience or merely a good place to eat on that special day after other activities? Private dining area required? Lastly, will they be paying for themselves(in that age group, problems always arise. Hell, even among adults, except adults handle it more tactfully ;))

    I'm not quite sure as to what your expectations are, so it would help in answering the question. Though I may not be able to provide appropriate suggestions based on your response, the clarification may help others to.

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      Dear old Dad, namely me, is picking up the tab. And yes there might be a few adults in attendance, but we will probably be exiled to Siberia, or at least the next table. So for totally selfish reasons, the food should be good. For my daughter and friends, it should be fun, stylish but not formal, and perhaps a little adventurous and out of the ordinary. A private room might be good but not a necessity. And to the last of your questions, this is the main event.

      Does this clarify and prompt any thoughts? Thanks.

      1. re: SBotkin

        Suba has some great spaces downstairs - newly updated interior design and new - and well-reviewed - chef. Its downtown - LES - which should also work for that age range... Another option is Public on Elizabeth St - they have private space, good food and cool decor.

        1. re: jessfood

          Thanks so much for the ideas. I'll check them out. My daughter also was thinking about Rosa Mexicano. Any thoughts?