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May 24, 2007 07:31 PM

Good brunch places in Georgetown or DC?

My brother-in-law is coming to town next week and wanted to have Sunday brunch in Georgetown. Any good places here?

If not, any good brunch places in DC outside of Georgetown that would be an interesting neighborhood for a tourist?


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  1. In Georgetown, I've had good brunches at Martin's Tavern. Nathan's is pleasant, too. They offer the basic, solid brunch fare, though--others may be able to suggest more fabulous options.

    1. How about brunch at Tabard Inn or Kramerbooks and then you can walk around Dupont Circle. On Sundays especially, Dupont is a fun place to walk around because there are a lot of people out and about and the farmer's market takes place on Sundays.

      Another idea is the wonderful brunch at Bistro Bis and then you can walk around the Capitol and down the Mall.

      1. In Georgetown, I've had a great brunch at Peacock Cafe (on Prospect). Also, Bistro Francais does a prix fixe brunch which includes champagne, a house salad and an entree (limited number of entrees though) for maybe $19.99 (their site doesn't list the price). I believe their regular menu is also available.
        If you want a view, go to Sequoia on the waterfront, and request a table by the window. They also have outside dining available.
        Or if you're doing touristy stuff and want to venture outside of Georgetown, I really like the brunch at Old Ebbitt. It's a DC institution, not far from the White House, and we've taken out of town guests there who loved it.