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May 24, 2007 07:05 PM

Fun restaurant in Downtown Baltimore

In town visiting my parents and want to go out for dinner downtown in Baltimore on Friday night (tomorrow). They never go downtown so don't know what places are good. I haven't lived here in 10 years. Somewhere near the water is always nice. Any good suggestions?!

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  1. depends on price point.. PAZO is a trendy (outstanding design) warehouse taps place. Roys and Oceanaire are nice but $$$$. On the harbor itself phillips, j pauls, cheese cake factory, is so-so quality food but great views.

    1. what do you mean by "downtown"; what kind of food do you want to eat; how much are you willing to spend?

      and for the love of dog, please don't take them to phillips.

      1. Thisty Dog and Bicycle in Federal Hill are great. Brewer's Art or Helmand in Mt. Vernon. Milton's on the 300 Block of Charles is pretty good and very cheap. Little Havanna is right on the water and has great cuban food. Waterfront Hotel in Fell's Point is also fantastic and has water views.

        1. You're not going to find anything really worthwhile in the Inner Harbor. Don't waste your money or your sanity---long waits for really average food.

          I'd recommend Kali's Mezze in Fells Point. You can all order a bunch of small plates and taste a bunch of very yummy stuff. It's close to the water, but they only have a few tables outside.

          If you want funky and fun, go to Zodiac in Station North across from the Charles. It's an eclectic place with great food. It has vegan, veg, and meaty options, and the food is really very good. If you sit outside you can do some great people-watching.

          1. Pazza Luna recently reopened in Locust Point - used to be quite good - I think now owned by people from Sotta Sopra. Most Harborplace restaurants are fair - Cheesecake is fun at the lower price point - you'll wait though - also PF Changs is new on Pratt across from Harbor if you don't mind chain Chinese. The bars in Canton are always a possibility. Mamas on the half Shell is good but doesn't take reservations. Claddaghs Pub has good food as well. There are so many decent restaurants downtown.

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              Stay out of Canton on a Friday night unless your parents have a nostalgic hunger for the days of the fraternity rush. Mama's on the Half Shell and all the other bars in Canton Square become clogged with whooping twenty-somethings eager to start the par-tay weekend. And while it's nice that Mama's pays homage to Connolly's (a long-gone but fondly remembered seafood house that operated in a Quonset hut at the old Inner Harbor), they could at least spell the name right on their menu ("Connelly's" WTF?). What's next? Homages to "Teeo Peppy's" and "Housener's"?

              1. re: treetop tom

                While it can be tough to park in Canton, the upstairs of Mama's doesn't have much in the way of partying going on. They certainly can put their name in and wait outside in the nice weather avoiding the bar scene. Of course, it also depends on the time of night they go. Menu quirks aside, the food is fantastic and a great value.