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May 24, 2007 06:49 PM

New Haven: Foster's Restaurant

Anyone been to a new place called Foster's located on Orange St. near Crown in New Haven? I've heard some good things.

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  1. Foster's is a fantastic fine dining establishment. They specialize in "Eccentric Americana" which is essentially contemporary takes on culinary classics. Their Seafood Bouillabaisse is bursting with flavor. The atmosphere is classy and modern and the restaurant features a grill station in the center of the dining room where the Head Chef prepares food in front of everyone. Easily within the top three places to dine in New Haven.. I'll be returning to sample more of the menu in the future.

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        1. I have been there once, and it's a mixed bag.

          I loved what I got to eat: an interesting salad with pumpkin croutons, pepperoni and beets, and a fish done in parchment paper with rice and veggies. They were both delicious and a good value. I also got a glass of wine that was very nice, not the usual plonk you get in by-the-glass territory.

          My husband's dinner was the opposite - very badly prepared. His appetizer was a mussel dish done with capers in pastry. It was so salty that it was inedible. The table next to us ordered the same thing and had the same problem. Someone obviously forgot to rinse the capers and forgot to taste the concoction before it went into the pastry. His entree was a veal osso bucco. The meat was delicious, but the accompanying potatoes and carrots were totally undercooked. The potatoes were so hard as to be inedible.

          The service was excellent, and the waitress and manager definitely listened to us when we complained about the two bad dishes mentioned above.

          As far as the decor goes, I found it kind of cold and sparse. Wood floor, a bank of windows and no effort to soften it up. They put these white, internally lit fabric sleeves over structural colums - we agreed they looked like condoms.

          We will go back sometime to try it again, but as far as it being one of the best places in New Haven, the jury is still out as far as I am concerned.

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              We've now eaten at Foster's on two occasions and like shoes' experience, we found it to be a mixed bag on both times.
              I think that the overriding sense is that this is a restaurant that you WANT to like...we think the space, while sparse, is beautifully done...the service very good, and the "vibe" very positive. The downside, as experienced on both visits, is that we found the food to be very uneven, some dishes absolutely delicious and others causing us to wonder what they were thinking!! I think that the two primary faults are:
              1 - some dishes are doomed for failure due to the combining of very disparate ingredients - a classic "trying too hard" scenario.
              2 - An emphasis on what my wife calls "boy food" - heavy dishes with heavy sauces.
              Dave Foster is an engaging, passionate chef and again, his commitment to his craft and to New Haven's dining scene make you wish that you liked the food more than you do....but the fact is, in my opinion, there are better choices for the same dollars.