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May 24, 2007 06:42 PM

London - lunch, May 24, near Paddington

Good evening -

An NYC chowhound here - just got a call from my husband who is flying to London tonight, has a long layover and will be taking the train into Paddington with a colleague, so that they can have lunch. Should be at Paddington by 12:30 or so, have to head back to Heathrow by 3pm. Expense not an issue, but he's dressed casually (polo shirt, but nice shoes etc.), so that may be an issue. Any cuisine - except Middle Eastern - they're heading to Cairo for a week. They don't mind taking a taxi. I'll do a search now as well - but would appreciate any thoughts - I have time to email him when I get up tomorrow morning.

Thanks so much -


Edit -

I found these suggestions on an older thread:

In Sheldon Square, behind Paddington next to the canal, there's a Zizzi (for pizza/pasta), Yakitoria (Japanese - maybe not the cheapest option for lunch) and Pearl Liang (dim sum).

The Frontline ,13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ Tel: (020) 7479 8960, is pretty good and for the area a real find especially for the well selected and affordable wine list.

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  1. I've heard very good things about Pearl Liang (I think I also heard about it via this board, and went googling). Link roundup here:

    I don't have personal recommendations, I'm afraid - although I can thoroughly recommend the Mad Bishop and Bear pub in the station itself (upstairs in The Lawn section; find the Yo! Sushi and go up the escalators), it's somewhere you go for beer rather than food; the food there is just standard pub food.

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      Thanks for your suggestions - he ended up (a) having a delayed flight and (b) having to go into London for a meeting, with no time for lunch! Oh well....

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        Have now tried Pearl Liang — quite liked it, though it didn't really get a fair trial as we went for the dim sum taster platter which turned out to be all steamed dishes and no fried. The selection is good for people (like me) who like vegetables, though. I've updated the link above with a more extensive writeup, and there's an annotated photo of the taster platter at