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May 24, 2007 06:12 PM

Thai Taste -- Silverlake

Anyone ever tried Thai Taste on Fletcher in Silverlake? It's 2328 Fletcher. Thanks!

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  1. My friend gets it because it's near her house -- nothing special as I recall. Our favorites in the area are Nadpob and Mae Ploy, and the newish Yai's on Vermont.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Can you recommend some dishes from Mae Ploy? It's the closest take-out to me, but I'm never happy with what I get. What should I be ordering?
      Agree on Nad Pob and Yai--both are great, esp. the soups at Yai.

      1. re: bluemonster

        I enjoy the crab noodles, eggplant salad, tofu larb, other larbs, pad kee mao noodles and prik king...I once had a great spicy beef salad there but can never remember which one it is on the menu since there's a few. My kids like the chicken fried rice and the satay.

        1. re: bluemonster

          A few more Mae Ploy recs: the BBQ pork or BBQ beef, listed under salads but really just a big pile of grilled meat with this fantastic hot sauce on the side. Chicken with mint leaves. Tom yum goong.

      2. My friend and I ended up there on default one night and the space is nice, but we found the food lacking.

        1. Many times over the decade+ I think they've been there. They deliver, though not fast. The food's OK to pretty-good; nothing remarkable, but, to borrow Wine-X's slogan, "gets it done".

          r gould-saltman
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