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May 24, 2007 06:06 PM

Amused bouchee

Busy sunny day on Newbury Street. It's a parade of people watching. Park at a meter. Put in our name for a first come/first serve list for a table outside at Bouchee'. Shop a little and stroll back where a table for two under an umbrella just happens at that moment. All good. Waitress is attentive. Everyone is wearing sunglasses. Fizzy water. Mojito (no ginger please). Warm Olive plate (olives are good warm-who knew?). Duck confit, melting leeks and goat cheese flatbread; very nice. Bouchee' Burger; foie gras,braised onions, pomme frites; decadent, OK, perhaps a bad choice on a hot day. We can send a man to the moon yet the Frites were not world class. Salade of romaine, frisee, asparagus, blistered tomatoes, radish, lardons, hard cooked egg w/ roquefort. Dessert of crepes mascarpone/Grande Marnier pan-flamed fruit; a sweet finish. Double espresso and back to work. The menu was interesting with other bistro fare I'd like to sample like Rillettes, Vichyssoise, Mussels, and Raclette. It's a little by the numbers but the heart is in the right place...the stomach area.

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  1. How was the service? That seems to be a common issue among reviews here...

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      Service was OK. Cheerful even. It was the lunch rush on a hot day. Waiting the outside tables forces a lot of coming and going. It took a long time to get the check. Long enough for it to become table conversation. It was reflected.

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          They took the individual meters on Newbury Street away 6 months ago, actually.

          I swore not to complain about Bouchee anymore but now I can't help myself.

          Was taken there yesterday on someone else's dime. The frites all three of us were served were limp and dripping in oil -- as though they had been held in the kitchen actually immersed in oil. No restaurant -- no matter how bad -- should serve anything like them. And once again, salad at once so cool and crips yet so completely tasteless that you want to tear your hair out.

          But the service was ok, which is a big improvement.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            The mussels last night were actually rather good.

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              Liked the menu. Frites were wrong it's true but their stomach is in the right place. It was a nice day for dining al fresco

            2. re: Boatrocker

              Meter on Clarendon at Comm. Refreshing. There was time on it.