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May 24, 2007 05:52 PM

GERD & healthy eating [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I have been recently diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and have the unfortunate task of trying to cut back on some of my favorite food/drinks including tomatoes, citrus of all variety, wine and other alcohol, and fat (of course).

I have been busy downloading some recipes (which is good, it's healthier living anyway), but I'm really having a time because most of these recipes are really boring! Does anyone have some ideas for great recipes they can share so I can mix it up a little while still maintaining heartburn-free standards?

Also, I can have SOME does anyone have any cool mixed drink ideas that don't involve tomato juice (no more bloody mary's for me), red wine, or citrus?

Thanks for all your ideas in advance!


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  1. To get rid of many fats, you can use applesauce in your baking instead of oil or butter. Works with box mixes too- muffins, cakes, even brownies.
    I use lots of Mrs. Dash- sounds weird but it really flavors lots of things. Tomato is so good for you, just eat it early in the day, like for lunch. I live with GERD too and refuse to not eat tomatoes! If you add a bit of sugar to tomato sauces, it cuts the acidity and also adds to the flavor. Works GREAT in chili, which I also refuse to go without.
    Learn to grow herbs and add those to things- fresh herbs make a difference!

    1. While I wasn't diagnosed with GERD, I was diagnosed with mild esophagitis. So I was probably not to far from being diagnosed with GERD. In addition to changing my diet, I was also told not to east after 6 PM. Which what something I did often due to my work schedule lifestyle. I must say that it has made a difference, and now I have been able to go back to eating some of the foods that i have to omit. It can be hard sometimes because I tend to be up late, but drinking water instead of eating after 6PM has made a difference for me.