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May 24, 2007 05:25 PM

LA to Mammoth and back

I did a search and found nothing from 2007 so...

weekend trip. couple of LA folks who have never been to mammoth. i need two lunch spots somewhere on the road, both on the way and back. i also need recs at mammoth. i wouldn't mind splurging one night, but otherwise keep it fairly frugal. thanks.

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  1. You'll go through Bishop, right? (Geography is failing me today, or maybe I'm failing Geography :-) If so, check out Schatt's bakery for lunch....decent sandwhiches and the best coconut macaroons in the west.

    The Restaurant at Convict Lake (about eleven miles south of Mammoth) might be a good spot for a "splurge" dinner...although really its not very expensive for the quality. I haven't eaten there in a year or so, however....

    1. i second schatt's bakery in bishop. there's also a schatt's in mammoth itself - not the same, but also nice baked goods - there's some story behind the two locations of a family business, feuding brothers, etc. otherwise it's pretty slim pickings on the road between LA and Mammoth for anything other than fast food - a couple times we've attempted to branch out and tried a local coffee shop / cafe that looked promising . . . but not so much. when staying in mammoth, we usually have a house or condo and cook our own meals, but i do like Berger's and The Stove for casual places, and there's a red sauce Italian place whose name escapes me in the same shopping center as the grocery store that was decent.

      1. I'm including a link from the San Diego Tribune, might help you out. I don't mind Schatt's, but it can be pretty crowded. I second the Restaurant at Convict Lake. I stay at Convict every few years or so, and it is definitely worth a splurge. Hope the article helps....

        1. For lunch spots try Astro Burger around Four Corners/Kramer's Junction, or El Charo or Casa Corona in Ridgecrest. For a nice meal in Mammoth, Tamarack Lodge and the Restaurant at Convict Lake are both nice and good..

          1. thanks, folks. looks like i will check out the restaurant at convict for sure and a few others.