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May 24, 2007 05:00 PM

Wedding in Palm Springs? [moved from LA board]

I'm not from Palm Springs, but I'm planning to have a destination wedding in Palm Springs. However, I'm having a hard time trying to find a reception spot or even an amazing cater. Why cater? One of our options is having it at a private estate ( almost like the Elford House) Hopefully there are some people that can help me out. Here is so more info that can probably help you to help me :)

We're having it in the Spring.
Guest: 80-175
Budget: 60-100 / per person
Need to have an area for dancing. We love love dancing!
Food is on top of our list.
Easy to get to.
Lots of parking spaces.
I would love an area that has a a body of water, ie: pool, water fountain.
Great views of the sunset.

I know this a little specific, so it doesn't have to include everything. Haha, but I would love for it to include everything. I guess that's it. I can't wait to see your suggestions!!!

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  1. Pretty sure it's not going to be on a beach in Palm Springs. However you need to post this on the California board. I went to a party at the Palm Springs Film festival where the brunch catering was pretty good, but unfortunately didn't get the name of the caterer. I would advise adjusting your expectations -- the phrases "Palm Springs" and "food is at the top of our list" are most likely mutually exclusive. Good luck!

    1. Have you checked with The Parker? I'm honestly not sure what their rates are like but I know they have all that you're asking for. Friend had an amaaaazing wedding there last spring. Great food. Perfect space. Would be my choice if it's at all within price range.

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        That would be my choice too! But since a bowl of granola there is about $35, I'm guessing weddings there are on the pricey side.

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          Yeah, I actually contacted The Parker because it looks like a really cool place. But their package was way over my budget. But maybe I should negotiate something with them to lower the price. But thanks for the tip!

        2. You could try asking Le Vallauris - if they have a night they're closed, they just might do it. Very romantic setting on the patio & dancing in the attached bar.

          1. MONTEREY COUNTRY CLUB IN PALM DESERT is a Private Country Club that books weddings for non members. It will fill all your described criteria. We have lived here for 5 years and seems like they have weddings on most Saturdays. You can look at

            1. Not in P.S. but in Palm Desert. The Woodhaven Country Club has been doing weddings. They have a newly remodeled club house that faces westward (toward the sunset) across the golf course and not a body of water. They also have a gazebo outside for weddings as well as white chairs. I don't know the costs but my guess is it would be very moderate.

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                Sorry I forgot to include the link for Woodhaven. Oh,am I embarrased! This was the incorrect Woodhaven. The link to the Calif. Woodhaven is under repair