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May 24, 2007 04:44 PM

great steakhouse in Los Angeles?

Looking for a great steakhouse anywhere in the los angeles area.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cut certainly qualifies, (Beverly Hills) but we have had very good steaks at Arnie Morton's, also in Beverly Hills on La Cienega. Lots of folks here have either the best or the worst experience at Mastro's (B. Hills - Thousand Oaks and down in Orange County). Hope you will post your impressions about wherever you end up.

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        Just had dinner at Mastro's in Beverly Hills - a birthday dinner where I felt like I was sitting with a bunch of tourists. Steak is not that exciting - have had better at CUT and Morton's. But the highly overated lobster mashed potatoes must be avoided. At $32.50 per portion you get gluey over buttered sopping potatoes with about 1/2 cup of chewy, dry, stringy and probably frozen lobster. DO NOT ORDER THAT. The sugar snap peas were very good. Asparagus below par - onion rings so thick and doughy with batter that they really were disappointing. No offer of a glass of wine or dessert for the birthday girl. Service was very good. People mobbed the upstairs - but you couldn't really hear the music over the loud talking. Can't understand why people go to spend $100 a person to a place where the food is just average. Do not think the steak is as good as Morton's - I can buy a great piece of rib eye or bone in fillet at the market for much less. Waiters were very nice - gave big tip. Will not return. LOVED the steak at CUT - and all the sides there are fantastic. Spend a bit more, get a LOT more.

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          Re bunch of tourists, you might be right on that. Last time we were there had the most annoying couple next to us. The man kept having the waitress bring him wines to try then after sampling several and rejecting a full glass of another asked for a half pour on the house of something else. Thank God she told him no. That said, my bone in filet was delicious, but the sides and dessert can be lacking. I like the mac and cheese.

      2. Mastro's in Beverly Hills is by far my favorite.

        Coming in second for me is the Arnie Morton's downtown location. I've never been to their BH location, but have heard mixed things about it, service-wise. I know the downtown location always gives VIP treatment.

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          Mastros, Taylors, Cut, Jar, The Palm, and I love the steak at Dan Tanas.

        2. Although not quite a steakhouse, I adore Fogo de Chao - you don't get a steak, but cuts of several types of meat, lamb, pork, chicken. You can have it the temperature that you like and I have never had to add anything - salt, sauce, nothing. Just went there again for lunch today and remembered why I love the place. The sides are good, especially the fried polenta sticks and the salad bar is divine. The other thing that I love about this place is that the desserts are top-flight. I really didn't expect that, being that meat is king, but the turtle cheesecake - oh mamma!

          1. Cut, the Grill, Dan Tana (for the Dabny Coleman NY strip)