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May 24, 2007 04:40 PM

what is best I-95 bbq in NC?

Driving thru tmw. Moore's closed last time we passed, ended up at Smithfield. Would very much love new rec. Thx for any help!

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  1. Parkers in wilson, nc, has very good bbq and is close to 95. If you search this board you will see many posts and disagreements about what is best.

    also check out for a map of some of the better joints.

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    1. re: chazzer

      Thanks. I've searched the board and do enjoy Parkers.

      However (I should have specified) I was hoping for a credible EZ-on/EZ-off option (like Moore's was in Kenly before it shut down).

      Any further thoughts appreciated.

      1. re: Jack Barber

        youre in luck Dude,,,Moores didnt really shut down just closed for awhile untill they could move into the empty Hardees a little closer to the 95 highway,,,,,

        1. re: orzobino

          Where on 95 is Moore's? I'll be driving from Virginia to Emerald Isle later in June. Will this be close?

          1. re: Cville Mel

            Kenly -- exit 107. Drove by this afternoon in fact. But didn't see the Moores/Hardees -- is it open yet? Where is it?