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suggestions for a birthday dinner for 19 yr old

Looking for a fun hipplace to take my 19 yr old. She prefers a steak place, but I want to make sure the atmosphere is fun. Can be anywhere in Hollywood, the Westside, Beverly Hills...


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  1. How about Cobras & Matadors? Definitely not a steak place, but would be fun & I seem to recall having something there that involved beef & was delicious.

    1. Do you have a price range? If price is not an object, then Cut. You'd have a pretty good chance of celeb siting too.

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        price isn't too much of a factor. We are not going with too many people and I want it to be special.

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          Another option that might be perfect for you is Dakota steakhouse in the Roosevelt.

      2. Table 8 (on Melrose) is trendy & hip. They have a porterhouse steak special for 2 --- you need to order it in advance when you make the reservation. The Palm in West Hollywood has a fun atmosphere (and yummy steaks too).

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          JAR on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood.

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            Social or Citizen Smith would be my picks.

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              I think Citizen Smith is a great spot to take a young person. No, they won't be able to partake in cocktails, but it's a hip scene that's lots of fun, and quite often a celeb hangout, too.

          2. Geisha House has a really fun/hip atmosphere that could (and does) appeal to 19-year-olds.

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              Yeah, but too much of a bar scene for the undereage. A lot of the vibe is in the drinks!

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                my 16 year old had her birthday party at geisha house and loved it.
                everyone stuck to soft drinks and it didn't seem to be a problem.
                food quality was not at all what she was after, so i can't really speak to that issue.
                certainly the quantity was acceptable to the group.
                dunno what things will be like when she turns 19.

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                  Although older than 19, I don't drink, so I can attest that it IS possible to have a fun time at GH without alcohol! And while I didn't try the whole menu, I actually thought their spicy tuna thingys were really delicious! I don't think most 19-year-olds would care too much about the food anyway - it sounds like Cathie is just looking for fun.

                1. Take her to Cut or Spago.

                  1. I'm reading some of the suggestions and, this is obviously just my opinion, by places like Cut or Spago or even the Palm would not be fun for a 19 year old. They are for old farts. Sorry, but only old farts can afford these places. I would lean toward the hipper suggestions that you're received --I've heard of those hipper places but I am an old fart and too old to have been to any of them (though I would sure like to try them) so I can't vouch for the food. But, at 19, the scene is a big deal. Let us know what you choose!

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                      Actually, some of the "hipper" places are just as pricey, if not more.

                      They DIEFINITELY revolve around alcohol consumption, which isn't a good thing for a 19 year old.

                      19 is tough. You want to go to the cool places, but the coolest requires legal drinking age, or that is part of the fun.

                      I'm not an old fart, and I found Spago very hip. there were old farts and young toots there-the food was good, too.

                      Still, if he wants more excitement, I have to admit spago is more of a sit down eat dinner palce.

                      But Giesha House is too much abut the booze, the food is mediocre and tiny in portion for a huge price.

                      I thought Cut becase of the OP's steak indication, and because it has hype..but it is a steak place. Steak places are not really a 19 year olds idea of hip and happening-no matter who dines there.

                      I think the best option wold be to send her to a show in say, the Viper Room or someplace, and do dinner elsewhere.

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                        I am feeling vey square now, because I've never heard of Giesha House or Citizen Smith!!! (Now, I want to go!). And, you're right, some of the hipper places are very pricey....I also like Asia de Cuba on Sunset in the garden --beautiful view. Hip crowd (I think).

                    2. Luna Park would be a fun place for a birthday dinner. It's pretty hip and although there is a bar, I don't think it's too much of a bar scene. http://www.lunaparkla.com/

                      Or if you're going to be on Sunset, Boa is a hipper steak place. http://www.boasteak.com/balboa/

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                        I love all these replies! Thank you. It was actually my (19 yr old) daughter that is requesting a steak dinner. We are going with 7-9 people. I made a reservation at Jar, BOA and the Palm (an old family favorite). But I am still open to suggestions. I'm going to look up Citizen Smith too - I like th sound of it. :)

                        Thanks again!

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                          We took our son (22) to Chaya Venice for his birthday and he loved the food and the atmosphere. None of us had steak but the waiter said that is one of their best dishes. Very hip, very happening, and not outrageously expensive in my opinion.