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San Diego burrito question

I'm heading down to San Diego in a couple weeks and want to try a "typical" SD burrito. The ones we get up here in the Bay Area are usually these bloated, rice- and bean-filled, soggy steamed-tortilla disasters. I've been told the SD ones are usually skinnier, filled only with "real" ingredients (meat/cheese/salsa/guac) and grilled.

Any recommendations on the best place in SD (ideally near Pacific Beach/La Jolla) to find what I mentioned above? I tried searching the board, but previous threads on this topic are kind of all over the place.

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  1. here's a place to get your classic san diego burrito

    jv taco shop
    Neighborhood: Linda Vista
    1112 Morena Blvd
    (at Buenos Ave)
    San Diego, CA 92110
    (619) 276-0758

    i suggest the surf n turf, the california or the guacamole (with fries!) burritos

    1. My recommendation would be JV's Mexican Food, which is a tad bit east of the Mission Bay - Sea World area.

      1112 Morena Blvd San Diego, CA 92110

      I'm not sure it's THE best, but it generally gets pretty good reviews, and I think it is one of the best in that part of San Diego.

      Edit: Too funny - ceejoi and I recommended the same place at the same time, though I think I was beaten by a few seconds. :)

      1. I don't know about this whole grilling thing...but in general a burrito made in the SD is generally how you described it.

        In PB my favorite after the bar I want some good dirty mexican spot used to be Aliberto's at Garnet & Everts or maybe Gresham. It is now something different and haven't tried it since but it is convenient and stays open late. There is also "Los Dos Pedros #2" on Tourquoise that is pretty good.

        For a "cleaner" version of the same in PB I love Taco Surf on Mission Blvd north of Garnet.
        In LJ I really like the Bahia Don Bravo on LJ Blvd. Go for the beer/tacos/burritos at sunset and it is amazing.

        Not in LJ/PB
        Juanitas in Leucadia/Encinitas
        El Cuervo in Mission Hills/Hillcrest (had an adobado and al pastor in the past few weeks that were insane)
        and off the beaten path
        Tierra Del Charro in Tierrasanta the wet carne is that of legend amongst those who live in the "island in the hills." I was introduced to it a few years ago and it is amazing.

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          I second Taco Surf. Do the "build your own" carne asada burrito and you can get it exactly the way you want it.

        2. http://www.yelp.com/biz/rq7OTws4QwiX6... -

          Los Dos Pedros

          This place is the BOMB! I love all their items, especially the breakfast burrito!!! The place is real small and and not nice looking, BUT INCREDIBLE MEX!!!

          If you are looking for a nice mex place, hit up Su Casa (LaJolla at Playa del Sur)... I live on Playa del Sur on WindnSea Beach and go to both places weekly!!!

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            Getting tired of the "Mission Style Burrito" eh? OK, go to any Roberto's Taco Shop and get a Carne Asada Burrito. It's just beef and some cilantro and guac. It's great at any location. Also, for a good carnitas burrito try Porkyland in La Jolla or the Barrio Logan area of San Diego. El Asadero on El Cajon Blvd., Cotija's Taco shops (many locations). Las Quatro Milpas, also in Barrio Logan. But you'll be able to find a Roberto's about anywhere with a good price and get a sample of what San Diego Mexican fast food is like. This is one of the Roberto's sites... (but there are more.. just look for the obvious red and yellow striped buildings) http://www.robertos.us/

          2. when i'm on the prowl for a good burrito i always hit up super sergio's on convoy. the california burrito is the best i've found and it's always great. not too far from your area either.
            4125 Convoy, San Diego, CA

            1. Since you're in the north PB area, I fourth (or is it fifth?) all the Los 2 Pedros recommendations. For my money, that's the best burrito place in that part of town. The King burrito is particularly good, as are the salted and chargrilled jalapenos they have out for garnish.

              I would tend to disagree that any given taco shop is worth a special trip. Taco shop food is something of a commodity in San Diego, and in my opinion there's nothing special enough about JV or Super Sergios to warrant the 20-30 minute drive. That's not to say JV isn't a good taco shop - it is. But so are the others mentioned that are closer to that area (Taco Surf, Los 2 Pedros).

              Not a burrito, but another very San Diego food item you should check out in that area is the fresh fish sandwich at El Pescador Fish Market. That's on Pearl St. in La Jolla, and they serve it Mexican style on a torta roll. Amazingly good grub.

              1. In Pacific Beach:

                La Playita (Turquoise St.) for the shrimp burrito
                Taco Surf (Mission Blvd.) for the fish burrito
                Ramiro's (Mission Blvd.) for breakfast burritos (also good for carne asada and fish burrito)
                Lots of places for carne asada

                1. Taco Surf is great..
                  Los Dos Pedros is really good in North PB on Turquoise
                  Bahia Don Bravo in Bird Rock/La Jolla is one of my fav's...the best, IMO..you can eat your food with a cold beer and a ocean view.
                  Cotija Taco shop in PB on Garnet is really good
                  Los Panchos in PB is some of the best Mex with sit down service and it is cheap and really good..
                  Have a great time and report back what your fav's are.

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                    Candidly, any hole-in-the-wall mexican food stand called Roberto's/Royberto's/Albierto's/Nico's (or some various of it) with 15+ surfers and construction workers out front around noon will make great burritos. Just order a Carne Asada burrito and you'll be fine. It's the official street food of San Diego. If you're feeling more venturous try an Al Pastor or Carnitas burrito. All the posts have outstanding suggestions as San Diegans are passionate about burritos, but my two cents for the best are Las Quatros Milpas in Barrio Logan for pork/carnitas burritos, El Quervo in Mission Hills for Al Pastor and Mexican Fiesta in Downtown San Diego for carne asada.

                    1. re: wanker

                      Thanks for all the tips everyone. I've actually been down to SD a few times and have tried other stuff at Roberto's in PB, but not the straight-up-the-middle carne asada burrito.

                      1. re: Agent 510

                        I'm not totally sure I agree that all the places have equally good stuff. As you go to a lot of taco shops, you'll come to find the things that some places do better than others. There's a place called Nico's that was a couple of locations I know of and they have great chicken taquitos.

                        1. re: Josh

                          I really like certain things at the Nico's in OB, especially the chicken rolled tacos. But I think their carne asada is horrible. It's bland, tough, and not good. Also, their burrito sizes are inconsistent, depending on the cook/preparer. Sometimes you just got a gigantic burrito.

                          A favorite place of mine is Asada in southern Chula Vista (Main St./Auto Park Way, west side, by Melrose). If you go at lunch, you can usually find several Border Patrol agents eating there. They have killer carne asada, and free hot carrots.

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                            I really like the carnitas taco and carnitas burrito at Nico's in Carmel Valley not sure if it is connected to the one in OB

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                              I have to agree with Josh - taco shops actually vary quite a bit, even the same shop can vary depending on who's cooking. I have had great carne asada burritos at some Robertos and so-so burritos at others. The carne asada can be tough, limp, greasy or overcooked. Carnitas can be crisp or soft, and are often very greasy. The quality of the guac also varies from shop to shop.

                              I actually like the Bahia Don Bravo on LJ Blvd - just a short drive North from PB. I've also heard good things about Limonz and Taco Surf, and I had some good tacos a while ago at a shop at the foot of Garnet - in the parking lot by California Sushi. If you have time, you might want to go down to Barrio Logan to Las Cuatros Milpas or El Porvenir. It might not be your "typical" experience, but it will be good.

                    2. Just find one of the little corner places where the menu is in Spanish and most of the costumers are Mexican immigrants and you'll know you are in the right place.

                      1. about a 10 minute drive east of la jolla along miramar road there's a place called alomino's. its right next to a karate place, and there's a Subway in the parking lot.

                        9272 Miramar Road
                        San Diego, CA, 92126