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May 24, 2007 03:55 PM

where would Ignatious Reilly eat?

where would that character eat? if eating at a restaurant, po boy shop, cafe, etc.?

also, is there a statue of him outside one of the restaurants in the F.Q or is that just a joke?

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    1. There is a statue of him outside the old D.H. Holmes department store on Canal Street, "underneath the clock."

      1. Ignatious would mostly eat what his mother prepared for him, loudly complaining about the lack of quality and variety, while taking third helpings.

        When dining out, he would no doubt occupy two stools at the counter at the Clover Grill, but would loudly express his disgust at the "sodomites" ruining his dining experience.

        When dining al fresco, he would of course go to the closest Lucky Dog, and would loudly point out the deterioration of their product since he left their employment, while consuming his fourth dog.

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        1. re: Fydeaux

          I stand humbly corrected. That was a great answer Fydeaux!

          1. re: Spencer

            so true, he would eat a fourth lucky dog, and still curse it to bits.

          2. re: Fydeaux

            I can't find my copy, but I recall a scene at Santa Battaglia's that involved potato salad....and he brown-bagged it at Levy Pants. I swear I saw his younger brother the other day at the Frostop on Claiborne. No Big Chief tablet, but a yellow legal pad covered with writing, a root beer, and some waffle fries.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              The scene you are remembering takes place in Chapter 8, Part III, when Santa Battaglia is making a party to introduce Mrs. Reilly (Ignatius's momma) to Mr. Robichaux: "Santa Battaglia tasted a spoonful of the potato salad, cleaned the spoon with her tongue, and placed the spoon neatly on a paper napkin next to the plate of salad. Sucking some pieces of parsley and onion from between her teeth, she said to the picture of her mother on the mantlepiece, 'They gonna love that. Nobody makes a good potatis salad like Santa.'" She also provides to her guests two fifths of Early Times, a six-bottle carton of Seven-Up, two giant bags of potato chips (displayed at each corner of her sofa), and an open bottle of olives with a fork stuck in it...

              I teach this novel every semester to my American Literature students in a unit on New Orleans writing. It's my duty to expose Southern California surfer dudes and dudettes to the New Orleans dialects and the cast of characters that is only marginally fictional.

              1. re: AmySue

                haven't finished the book yet. but it's great. anyone happen to know if Dr. Nut is a real soda, or merely fictional? thanks.

                  1. re: Frolic

                    I've always wondered about Dr Nut. It was also mentioned a few times in the James Lee Burke novel NEON RAIN. I recall one of the characters saying that Maybe the reason Cajuns like Dr Pepper so much is because they grew up drinking Dr Nut. Does anyone know if any of the Dr Nut incarnations were at all similar in taste to Dr Pepper?

                    1. re: Frolic

                      I have a Dr. Nut bottle cap that I bought from eBay. I made it into a fridge magnet so I could always remember to make sure my valve was operating properly before eating.

                  2. re: AmySue

                    Thank you! That's it...the party at Santa's house. Early Times & 7-Up...sounds like the main ingredients at a family reunion ;) If you can find the documentary "Yeah You Rite" it would make a great supplement to the novel, as it is a loving showcase of NOLA accents. Then those kids could hear it in their heads like we do when reading the novel.