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Best Lunch in Napa Valley?

I am looking for the best place to lunch at in the Napa Valley area this weekend, so French Laundry is OUT....

Any suggestions? I was thinking perhaps Bouchon or Julia's Kitchen?

Thank you!!!

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  1. Bouchon is hard to beat. We especially like having a simple light lunch there. Sit at the bar, order 2 dozen of their very fresh oysters and a large pomme frites. That with a glass or two of wine does it for us.

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      RT, I'm liking your style! Ditto all around. I like the mussels and the steak frites. Good wine list also.

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        rt, could you write me at my email please?

      2. Memorial Weekend -- make reservations, plan on a wait wherever you go, and be prepared to sit in your car with LOTS of other traffic...

        Other than that, Bouchon and Don Giovanni are great choices.

        1. Pilar, downtown Napa. Lunch is a really good deal.

          1. Ditto on the other Bouchon suggestions, unsure about Julia's anymore and Pilar may not be open weekends for lunch so you should check......but, you might also consider:
            -Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena, similar to Mustards, very consistent
            -Bistro Jeanty, Yountville, just a few blocks from Bouchon, classic French country
            -Redd, Yountville, terrific and much discussed lately

            1. I like Bistro Jeanty in Yountville and Bistro Don Giovanni in North Napa. Both have very nice patio dining areas that are great for lunch. I give a slight edge to Bistro Jeanty for the location, but I prefer the food at Bistro Don Giovanni.

              1. We were in Napa last year for Memorial Day and we had a wonderful meal on the outside terrace at the Auberge du Soleil. The food was good, the service pleasant and the view was phenomenal. We made a reservation the day before with no trouble at all -- make sure you specify outside.

                1. I really like Bistro Jeanty a lot, too. I'm surprised not to see anyone mentioning Travigne here--it has been about 2 years since I've been there, and I was there for lunch, which was fantastic. Also, very, very pleasant to sit outside there.

                  1. Mustards Grill and Tra Vigne have always impressed me. The problem is
                    I haven't been through Napa in awhile. These days it seems as though chefs, management and owners are always shuffling around which plays into the quality and consistancy. Restaurants can change in a big way from one year to the next.

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                      My mom lives in snt Helena and I have always enjoyed Martini House and Redds for lunch and for dinner. Both places have really nice patio area's and amazing food.

                      Redds- ate there last summer any time i could. I have eaten through most of the menu and have not been let down.
                      Matini house - great food. amazing Kobi beef burger.

                      If you are in Yountville you should try the pastry at Bouchon - the "nutter butter" the "oreo" cookies are great. pretty much you cant go wrong