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May 24, 2007 02:58 PM

Sweet Peas in "South Tallahassee"

Just opened in Woodville. Same menu at lunch and dinner. Prices for sandwiches are in the $7 - 9 range. I had a BLT which had lots of good bacon but pitifully slight on the tomato. With a small cup of potato salad,$6.75. An 8 oz. burger with cheese, mushrooms, and bacon and a side was 7.95. Gumbo was well received but pieces of seafood were small. A barbecue sandwich at around 8 was sliced pork with lettuce, tomato and onion (???) and a side. The Q is cooked out back.

Other dishes were pecan-crusted trout at $17 and 1/2 fried chicken at 9.95 both with two sides. Some interesting sides not tried were collards, green fried tomatoes, etc. Just past the Seineyard as one heads south.

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  1. thanks, will have to try it out on the way to the beach this weekend.

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      1. Again today for lunch. It was late (1:30) but place was deserted. No one there but staff. Server said that half of waitstaff and 2 of 4 cooks sent home early. Fried chicken okay, but the "half chicken" was strangely missing the thigh, my favorite part. Waitress volunteered that "yes, we call it a half chicken, but don't serve the thigh." Go figure. Mashed potatoes great, collards and slaw fine, as was the cornbread. Blackened grouper too salty by far and sent back.