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Farmer's MKT in SM

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Of the many lovely vendors at the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica (Wednesday and Saturday), which are the very best?

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  1. I like Fitzgerald's Premium Stone Fruit

    1. weiser farms for potatoes, carrots and melons, coastal organics for tomatos, harry's berries for strawberries, haricot vert green bean & yellow beans, anjin II for fish, coleman farms for passion fruit and exotic herbs, windrose farms for garlic, spring onions, leeks, apples & squash..........for a start

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        Try Rutiz Farms for strawberries. You will die! DIEEEE! They are that good.

        1. re: rachaels

          are they organically grown?

          1. re: budlit

            they are grown organically but are not certified organic. too expensive for many small family farms to get certified.

            1. re: DMojoD

              yeah, same w/Harry's

      2. Maggie's Farm for greens. Love their wild arugula and their herb mix.