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May 24, 2007 02:26 PM

San Antonio / Westin-La Cantera

i am headed off for a three day convention in San Antonio. I will be at the Westin-La Cantera resort.
I would like to get some good local tex-mex or authentic mex. also some good bbq.
we will probably do one big dinner at a steakhouse.

any good recs? i am trying to avoid the touristy riverwalk area if possible

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  1. La Cantera is kind of a hike from San Antonio proper. It's a good 30 minutes to get into town. There is a steakhouse on site that is supposed to be pretty good.

    By all means avoid the Riverwalk. Overpriced and becoming more and more chain oriented.

    For Mexican, I like Mi Tierra, but I know that alot of people think it's overrated. My fondness may be more nostalgia than anything else.

    1. There's an excellent authentic (not tex-mex) mexican restaurant called Celito Lindo at the corner of Stone Oak and Huebner road, not too far from La Cantera.
      For decent (not great) BBQ, you're very close to Rudy's.

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      1. re: saeyedoc

        any GREAT BBQ in the area. i won't mind driving since i have a car.
        Also any more authentic or good tex-mex places in the area?

        thanks again

      2. great. thanks for the recommendations

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          Rudy's is good. The Turkey is the best there and the sauce is awesome. Take I-10 northof 1604 for a couple miles. Cielto Lindo in at stone oak and huebner, take 1604 to SO and go north, is good for margaritas, beef enchilandas and chonchita pibil, their tortillas are not good. For some good tex-mex breakfast go to Taco Taco Cafe at Hildebrand and McCullough, take 1604 to 281 south and exit at H and go right till you get there. I love their breakfast tacos and the place is just a fun dive. For the best BBQ ever go to Luling City Market in Luling Texas. It's quite a drive but the brisket is awesome. Take I-10 East until you get to Luling and its right downtown. The drive will be a good two hours but if you want amazing BBQ and have the time go. There should be a lot on the furoms about the Luling City Market check it out. Also the restaurant in the hotel, Francesca's at Sunset, is really great but pricey.

          1. re: wendileigh

            awesome! thanks for the input. the menu at Cielto Lindo definitely looks my speed:

        2. thanks again for all the suggestions. Here is a quick rundown where i ate:
          Cielto Lindo- this place was great. a buddy and i split three entrees : chicken mole; enchilades poblanos; and the cochinta pibil. all were great.

          Chuys- Yeah i know this is really an Austin place but i had to go back. i had the chuy special enchiladas (blue corn chicken) and they hit the spot.

          and for breakfast one morning the Taco Taco Cafe- this was my kind of dive. great authentic mexican breakfast. i liked how they made the corn and flour tortillas on the spot. the chilaquilas(sp) were wonderful.

          we also ate at the Kona Grill, but you can eat at those anywhere. but it isn't a bad restaurant for a chain

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          1. re: jeffbatl

            We will be in San Antonio for a week's conference, staying at the Marriott by the Riverwalk. Some initial brochures were not encouraging, as stated above, there appears to be the usual suspects of chains, etc. Looking for at least some decent Tex-Mex or anything else worthwhile on or nearby Riverwalk. We won't have transportation, but always willing to take a taxi or public transportation for some good chow. Any further suggestions?

            1. re: markabauman

              I second the above request. I'll be in San Antonio for 3 nights. I'm especially interested in good Tex-Mex.

              1. re: bropaul

                This answer is downtown (closer to the Marriott) rather than out NW like the thread title--but you may want to try San Antonio TexMex at Rosario's in King William. Also by Lisa Wong (who owns/operates Acenar)--a little less tourista--although we like Acenar, too.
                Also breakfast at Guenter House on the River (not Riverwalk) in King William. Site is the home of the family that founded the Pioneer Mill. My family loves the bisquits.
                Other places in King William a mixed bag--some ok--some avoid!

              2. re: markabauman

                Yay- I can give some really good recommendations!

                As far as downtown goes, Acenar (on the Riverwalk...right next to the Hotel Valencia) isn't bad..they serve what I would consider progressive Mexican.

                Paloma Blanca (Broadway and Austin Hwy) is (in my opinion) the best Mexican food to be found in San Antonio...very nice restaurant, flawlessly executed dishes, and reasonably priced.

                For lunch, Sip (St. Mary's and something (haha) is a good place to get a panini, the Ruta Maya is always an excellent sandwich/coffee shop.

                Also try the $9.99 all you can eat buffet at the Sheraton Gunter (also on St. Mary's) is *superb*...they have a chef on hand to make pasta dishes, and a tasty selection of grilled veggies, etc. etc.

                Hope that helps!

                Former metropolitan (haha)
                Do try to avoid the Riverwalk...very expensive, and the quality is only so-so.

                1. re: datadand

                  the Paloma Blanca sounds great and doesn't look too far from downtown.

                  1. re: jeffbatl

                    we went to Paloma Blanca last night and it was great. and was very easy to get to from downtown. we liked it so much we may go back tonight. anything else good in that part of town? it seemed like there were a lot of restaurants and zero tourists