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May 24, 2007 01:39 PM

Vegas Italian - B&B or Enoteca San Marco

Hi All,
Looking for a great Italian food experience. Already going to a seafood restaurant so will save Bartolotta for a different trip if that is primarily their specialty. Does anyone have a preference for B&B over Enoteca? Money is not an issue. Any other suggestions? It will be for a group of 7 weekday first week of June. Thanks

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  1. B&B is a little more upscale and Enoteca a bit more casual. Both are solid as far as food. B&B has tripe and beef cheeks on the menu, if you're into that sort of thing (both dishes are great). Enoteca is much more laid back with probably more traditional snacky-type Italian dishes. A group of 7 will fit in well in either spot. service is very accommodating.

    1. If the focus is on an "experience", B&B is difficult to pass up. The diversity of the menu is particularly ideal if your group does not mind a little sharing of the Antipasti and Pasta's, and not only are there some offerings that are difficult to find anywhere else in Las Vegas, the execution from the kitchen has been outstanding on multiple visits so far (little touches like grating fresh horseradish on the short ribs, to add both flavor and aroma, for example). An evening there can qualify as a genuine experience, and if money is not an issue the wine list has an extensive array of Gaja's, and perhaps a grappa or two afterwards.