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T-Accessible Clam Bellies!


It's 75 degrees out, I just finished my last final exam (hurrah!) and I crave hot fresh fried clam bellies!

Sadly, no longer have a car anymore, so I can't schlep out to the clamshacks on the shores. Is there anything close to Jamaica Plain that could fry me up a basket of these bad boy bellies

Thanks dawgs!

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  1. I am not 100% positive on if they have whole belly clams, but the fried clams at Morse Fish Company on Washington St in the South End are pretty good. 10 minute walk from Back Bay station

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      Did you find a place yesterday? Yes, Morse has belly clams for a good price.
      Doesn't the Galway House have fried clams sometimes?
      Atlantic Fish on Boylston St., but that's fairly upscale, altho you can sit outside.
      Kelly's on Revere Beach.

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        I didn't - my post-exam lethargy got the best of me. I may have to spring for something in the city, I'm not in the mood to take commuter rails up to Ipswich and whatnot. Not having a car definitely hinders spontaneous Chowventures in this city. :(

        I may check out the Galway house, and if that fails, definitely will head to Morse.

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        Second for Morse. The dinner counter in the back of the fish shop does all of the basic fish preparations very well - especially the traditional New England fried foods, clams included. It's nice to be able to pick out the piece of fish you want for dinner from the selection on display.

        If you don't mind a short walk, take the Orange Line from JP to Back Bay Station, then keep walking down Clarendon St. (it changes names to Waltham St. along the way) to Washington St., then turn right. If you're feeling lazy, take the Orange Line to the New England Medical Center stop, then get on the Silver Line bus outbound to Union Park Street.

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          Excellent, thank you! I actually just found a Morse menu online and it looks exactly what I'm looking for - clamshack fare in the city. I'm headed there tonight, will be sure to write up. Thanks again -- this is why I love this board!

      3. Kelly's on Revere Beach is only about a half-mile walk from the Wonderland stop on the Blue Line.

        1. How about taking the commuter rail to Ipswich and going to the Choate Bridge Pub?
          Beer and clams, yum!

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            The Clam Box and Tony's at Wollaston Beach, Quincy.
            Short walk from Wollaston Station, Red Line.
            Can't vouch for the quality, sorry.
            Nice city views though.

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              Tony's is excellent. They serve a large portion of crispy belly clams, with good fries and a nice tartar sauce. You can sit outside on their patio and have a beautiful view of the beach, the harbor, and the Boston Skyline. It's only a 10 minute walk from Wollaston station on the Red Line.

          2. All the Legal Seafoods (Harvard, Kendall, Government Center, Arlington, Copley, Hynes) have fried clams with bellies -- my salvation when I also get a craving. There's also the Summer Shack at the Hynes and Alewife stops, and of course Neptune in the North End - not far from the Haymarket stop.

            1. Pleasant Cafe on Washington Street in Roslindale does terrific whole bellies....at a great price too!

              1. Morse Fish in the South End and Jasper White's Summer Shack in Back Bay. Both have amazing whole fried clams.

                1. I had some delicious clams last summer at Royal Roast Beef, 752 Bennington St, East Boston - right near the Orient Heights stop on the blue line.

                  1. Im curious, maybe its a regional thing. I have lived in new england my entire life and have never heard whole clams called "clam bellies" till chowhound. They have always just been "fried clams" the other ones with out the bellies have always been "clam strips".. If it doesnt say "strips" then it has the belly.

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                      I also learned this term on Chowhound (though I was quite aware of the difference between whole clams and strips) -- I can say that 'big bellies' is used independently of Chowhound up in Essex, at the Clam Box at least, I think there is a wider usage as well.

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                        Moultons Seafood- you can either take the greenline to lechmere then take the arlington center bus and get off on Boston Ave/Winthrop St and walk down the hill to the corner of Winthrop/Winter St... 5 minute walk tops
                        OR go red line to Davis Sq. and take the (96 or 97) to same place on Boston Ave or if your on the right bus it will let you off at corner of Winthrop/George St....

                    2. I second Atlantic Fish Co. and Jaspers for intown clams. I've only got clams once at Morse's and the bellys were much too big. Maybe I just hit it on an off day. I'll have to try it again.

                      1. OMG Why didn't I find this question before? The fried clams at The Galway House are outstanding! Last summer I went on a Legal Seafood kick, but the Gway clams left me embarassed for spending so much $$$ there. The Gway prides itself on super fresh clams, and rightly so. I split a plate with my boyfriend on Friday night and we were walking on clouds when we left. Run, don't walk, to The Galway this summer for their fried clams. You won't be sorry. Enjoy!