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May 24, 2007 01:35 PM

If not Cafferrey's then what?

Okay I think I have finally accepted that I won't be getting my hands on a can of Caferey's Irish Ale anytime soon (not till I go back to england anyways), so what is the best alternative available in America? None of the other 'Irish Ale's come close to the texture or taste so what would any of you 'expects' recommend? so far I've headed towards Boddington's, but that is not what I want. I even thought about creating my own ie some kind of 'Golden' (this may well be a term exclusive to Liverpool, but basicly half lager half bitter)......this might get me close but I'm not sure.

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  1. all i can think of that compares is murphy's .... maybe bass? beamish? maybe some of the folks who have better access to microbrews than me can make some USA caffrey's-alternate suggestions....i don't recall seeing many microbrewers attempting an irish or english ale style. then again, i live in FL.

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      I'd have to rule out all three to be fair. Beamish and Murphy's are more an alternative (actually far superior) to Guiness. Bass...if maybe it was one of the hand poured Bass derivitives from the UK but not what is readily available in the states.

      I'm not being dismissive of alternatives from the UK, but the reality is I don't think anuthing coming out of the UK is a comparisson to Cafferey's and so would love to seeif any microbrewers had a go?

    2. Why don't you tell us where you are located and then maybe we can help you. I know that here in San Diego several of the super markets carry Cafferrey's so I suspect you are simply looking in the wrong place.

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        San Francisco. I have established that you can't actually get Caffereys (as of three months ago anyway) in this area. None of the 'speciality' beer places where able to get it at all. Coors stopped importing it a while ago so maybe you ought to check the dates on those cans in San Diego?

        The Cafferey's website is still saying it is being relaunched and so I was hoping to hit an exceptable alternative.

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          It appears Bass is reforumlating and remarketing the brand. They're reducing the alcohol content by 0.7% and reworking the taste. I guess it just didn't sell enough. The old version was creamy and light in flavor and at 4.9% it was hardly to strong so I have no idea why they're making it even weaker.

      2. Tetley's, Abbot Ale and Old Speckled Hen all come in nitro cans, at least here in the NYC area. Either one should make a good substitute (I'd go with the Abbot Ale out of the three, myself.)- Yeah- I know, they're UK beers- but more in the ballpark than anything else I can think of at the moment.

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        1. re: TongoRad

          Thanks, must admit I haven't tried Abbot Ale, so I'll give that a go I think.

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            i've been on a quest to find Tetley's in the pubcan in NYC, with no luck so far. Where did you find it?

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              I can get Tetleys in a few places over in this area. It is not that common but a few places that stock English goods carry it, and the other I know of is a grocery store with a really good beer selection.