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May 24, 2007 01:29 PM

Is there any Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Toronto area??

Hello folks,

I have tried many different Mexican places in Toronto jelopino, hernado's hide away....and other small places.....I haven't found anything which is authentic and feel like going again to that place....I end up traveling to US....

suggestions are most welcome with address, intersection and special comments about the food you like....



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  1. The consensus that's resulted from frequent, repeated versions of your question is NO.There are passable Central American joints and facsimile Mexican joints but nothing I'd dub "authentic" in terms of faithful renditions of solid regional grub. I'm not saying what's on offer as "Mexican" food around the GTA is bad, just that it's a far cry from the food I know and love from New Mexico, Phoenix, LA, Sonora, Oaxaca and the family kitchens of my Chicano friends.

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      New Mexican food is vastly different from Mexican. It's another type of food that you cannot get all in Toronto

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        Thank you all for responding to my request. I guess I will kee going south....looking forward to travel somewhere close to Phoenix this year....any suggestions for good MX restaurant?? Thanks again.


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          Just a quick note that Phoenix restaurants are covered on our Southwest board. If you'd like to ask for or offer recommendations for there, please post on Southwest:

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        1. No. An thousand times no.

          Remember, in Toronto you can get cuisine from anywhere in the world, except North America! Forget about authentic Mexican, Louisiana, or Southern cuisine. To get the genuine article, take a vacation south of the border. The exchange rate is pretty good now, approaching par, and you won't get hit with 14% sales tax when you dine there...

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            1. I'm from California and haven't found anything like the Mexican food I grew up with.