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Is there any Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Toronto area??

Hello folks,

I have tried many different Mexican places in Toronto area....like jelopino, hernado's hide away....and other small places.....I haven't found anything which is authentic and feel like going again to that place....I end up traveling to US....

suggestions are most welcome with address, intersection and special comments about the food you like....



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  1. The consensus that's resulted from frequent, repeated versions of your question is NO.There are passable Central American joints and facsimile Mexican joints but nothing I'd dub "authentic" in terms of faithful renditions of solid regional grub. I'm not saying what's on offer as "Mexican" food around the GTA is bad, just that it's a far cry from the food I know and love from New Mexico, Phoenix, LA, Sonora, Oaxaca and the family kitchens of my Chicano friends.

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      New Mexican food is vastly different from Mexican. It's another type of food that you cannot get all in Toronto

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        Thank you all for responding to my request. I guess I will kee going south....looking forward to travel somewhere close to Phoenix this year....any suggestions for good MX restaurant?? Thanks again.


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          Just a quick note that Phoenix restaurants are covered on our Southwest board. If you'd like to ask for or offer recommendations for there, please post on Southwest: http://www.chowhound.com/boards/6

      2. No. An thousand times no.

        Remember, in Toronto you can get cuisine from anywhere in the world, except North America! Forget about authentic Mexican, Louisiana, or Southern cuisine. To get the genuine article, take a vacation south of the border. The exchange rate is pretty good now, approaching par, and you won't get hit with 14% sales tax when you dine there...

        1. I'm from California and haven't found anything like the Mexican food I grew up with.

          1. Isn't there some place on Rogers Rd that offers something fairly authentic? I remember seeing something in Now a while back.

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              Their tacos are cheap and authentic.

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                Rebozos at 126 Rogers road. Its a family-run place that has authentic Mexican along the lines of tacos, tortas (get the carnitas), enchiladas. They do take-out, there is a small counter, and another room with a few tables. The couple who run it are very friendly.

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                  best tacos in the city and totally authentic. try the lingua (beef tongue) or the beef cheek if they have it. the owners are totally sweet and love what they do and it definitely comes through in the food. even my mexican brother-in-law swears by their food and says that the only person who makes better cochinita pebil is is aunt in mexico.

                  My review:


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                    I had some free time so I biked over and stopped in for lunch.

                    To preface, I have never been to Mexico, nor have I ever had the privilege of befriending a Mexican family...

                    This in mind, I thought the food was fantastic. I had the conchinita pibil as well as some chorizo tostadas. Very succulent and intensely flavoured, with that refreshing spiciness that Mexican food is known for. It's a tiny place and the menu is a challenge to interpret at first, but the friendly staff will help you along.

                    As I said, I don't know if it's the "real deal" as the experts validate it, but it's probably the finest example I've tried in this city so far.

                    Funny side note: the owner had never heard of Chowhound, and I was forced to roughly translate what the term meant to the former Mexico City native. "Uh...someone who hungers like a dog...for food?"

                2. The rib eye tacos I had in August at Milagro, an upscale place near the convention center, would hold their own against any in Mexico City. I cant speak for much of the rest of the menu (and don't endorse the drinks) but if I lived in TO I'd definitely get an occaisonal fix of these, and perhaps try the ceviches as well.

                  My report:


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                    maybe settle for some el salvadorian, at tacos el salvador by bloor/christie? i love this place.

                  2. I'll get dissent from old-timers on this board, but Mexitaco and El Trompo are Mexican enough for me. Not all dishes are wonderful or well-prepared, but when I'm eating there, I feel it's authentic. I've had plenty of bad food in Mexico, too.

                    1. Should try Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst. I'm originally from Mexico and this one, along with Milagro on Mercer are the only 2 restaurants I would reccomend and recognize as decent and authentic Mexican restaurants in the GTA. They are both owned by Mexicans that apparently were born and raised in Mexico City.

                      1. El Trompo has delicious and very authentic Mexican. They are in Kensington Market, on Augusta I believe. I highly recommend it. The only problem is the portion sizes - So be sure to order an app and a main!