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Anybody been to 28806 in Asheville lately?

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Went to 28806 last fall and had a lovely pumpkin ravioli but want to try something besides pasta this visit. What are some of their other no-fail entrees?

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  1. Haven't been in a couple of months but have had food from there on other occasions and they always do a good job. Their fish if flown in fresh daily (or at least a couple of times/week) from Hawaii and we have had really good fish there. I also really like the duck that I've had there.

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      i love great fish as much as the next foodie, but flying fish in from hawaii regularly is very taxing on our enviorment. its a widely done, but it is one of the more irresponsible things a chef can do when talking about sustainability, and the impact on our earth. growing up in the southeast region of the US, i have found great seafood is at our back door, you might just have to fish around awhile to find it.

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        p.s. i give 28806 two thumbs up

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          while this is an interesting idea, the fish at "our backdoor" is very limited in variety and the fish are not using an jet flight all for themselves.

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            Uh...maybe I'll just order the duck. It can fly on its own! :-)

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              right, fish can not fly planes, so obviously they are not by themselves. With our proximity to the carolina coast, florida, and louisiana, i think it is unreasonable to say we are "very" limited in seafood selection. Of course a chef wants a wide variety of fish, but working with ingredients and finding creative ways to present your "regional" bounty is a one telling sign of a good chef. on the other hand, presenting different and "unusual" products to the customer is also the sign of a good chef, I guess.

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                I agree - thanks for raising the point: of course the fish aren't alone on the planes, just like your SUV isn't the only one on the road, and your vote isn't the only one cast in an election. it's the accumulation of each of our choices that makes our world. I too am most impressed when a chef can create an exciting meal with local and sustainably farmed ingredients, rather than relying on exotic supplies at whatever the "cost". & anyway, to me it feels much more interesting and contemporary when the cuisine reflects an attention to the well-being of our planet as well as to being well-prepared!